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CrossChx:: A Must Have Mobile App for Your Family’s Health Care Needs

We’ve partnered with CrossChx to give an honest opinion about the new app two of our writers tried.Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office, frantically searched through your diaper bag to find the insurance card or vaccination records only to realize you left them at home? Have you ever moved across the country and […]

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Mama said, "I'm burned out!"

Mama Said I’m Burned Out

Baby Mama Burnout. That’s what I call it. “BMB.” When a stay at home mom (or any mom, really) hasn’t had time away from her kids for months, years even, and her heart and soul just longs for time alone. Time to do something – anything ­­– without the threat of someone calling her name […]

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Playdough and More Homemade Fun

The frigid winter weather often means being stuck indoors and with a toddler, that can spell trouble for everyone involved.  These homemade play ideas will help you both beat the winter blues.    Now that winter’s in full swing, the days gave turned overcast, cold and wet. It’s times like this, that as a stay at home […]

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Ten Types of Parenting Attention

After three years of parenting, I often find myself thinking about attention. Attention is a gift, perhaps the greatest gift. The quality of your attention says so much about who you are. How do you attend to your day, your family, your friends? Do you attend to the past, the future, or the present? As […]

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Three Reasons Having Twins Rocks

It didn’t really dawn on me that I was having twins until my baby shower when my mom asked me to pose for a picture holding up both car seats.  Shocked by the weight of the then still empty car seats,  I felt my stomach lurch and I wondered if I had bit off more than […]

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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of MLK

We have closed out 2016 and have jumped right into the new year. In January, we celebrate the life and legacy of an important historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. It is important to not just take a day off to relax but to remember why we celebrate this inspirational man.  He has inspired so […]

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