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When Your Kids Teepee the Bathroom….

I was having one of those weeks. I mean let’s be 100 percent real, I was having a bad month. You know those days or weeks when you feel you are literally loosing every battle with your kids?  You see, I have 3-year-old twin girls. I love their bond, quick wit, and kind heart. However, […]

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Kid Friendly Luch Spots

Non “Fast-Food” Lunch Spots in Columbus

I am out and about a lot with my twins during the day. It is just easier some days to grab lunch while I am out. I wanted to give my Columbus Moms some of my favorite non-“fast food” spots.   1. Whole Foods Market Whole Foods is one of our favorite spots for lunch. There […]

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Columbus Skyline

Dear Columbus…Thank You…

Dear Columbus, We met in the wee morning of April 27th, 2013. I first saw you on highway 70 heading from the east. I was leaving behind four years in Washington D.C. At that time I was 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I knew nothing about you. All I knew was that you would be the […]

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Emerald Fields

6 “Mud” Free Parks

Columbus is full of some amazing parks. Early spring in Central Ohio has a tendency to be rainy. We want to get the kids outside, but sometimes we want to skip the mud. Here at Columbus Moms Blog, we wanted to give you a list of our favorite “mud” free parks. So here we go! […]

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Because I Said I Would…

  My family members were out of town for a week.  They asked if I would go check on their house and pick up some packages. It was an easy task, no big deal, so I said sure! I had my 3-year-old girls at home with me.  I called for the girls and told them […]

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Mom Tribe

How to Find Mommy Friends

In the workforce, you need to surround yourself with great coworkers. Great coworkers makes doing your day to day job a lot easier. It is important to have peers you can bounce ideas off of, lend a hand, and give advice. We too as moms need a supportive workforce behind what we do as well. […]

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minimize playroom

Minimize Is The Word for 2017

Christmas was approaching and I was getting all claustrophobic in my house. The holiday decor mixed with all the new items I knew Santa was bringing had my mind on hyper-drive and I was feeling anxious.  I thought: “Where was it all going to go?”  I needed to focus on what was important and I realized […]

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Stress free holiday

The Holidays Are Coming… Don’t Freak…

“It is the most wonderful time of the year..” Right? For those with the title “Mom,” this season means our workload just doubled while maintaining a cheery disposition.  Here comes holiday parties, gift giving, family visiting, food prepping, and traveling. It can be so overwhelming. So take a deep breath and conquer this holiday season […]

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