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Your Children and Money

Your Children & Money

A big thank you to Krista Cavalieri from Evolve Capital for sponsoring this post and sharing her expertise in activities you can do with young children to start the conversation about money. Take A Guess If you had to guess how long you had to instill in your children good money habits, what would you […]

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Why Don't We Watch TV Together Anymore-

Why Don’t We Watch TV Together Anymore?

Who else out there remembers watching TV with their parents? I sure do. There was “Remington Steele,” “Hart to Hart” and the bizarre yet enchanting “Beauty and the Beast” (starring a pre-“Terminator” Linda Hamilton) with my mom; “Magnum P.I.,” “MacGyver” and “The A-Team” with my dad. Then there were the lengthy and somewhat boring Sunday night […]

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Make #MomLife the #BestLife

How I Make #MomLife the #BestLife

No doubt about it, #MomLife can be tough at times, but here are some easy ways I make it the #BestLife! If you’re like me, you can barely go a day without seeing the hashtag #momlifeisthebestlife or the “Mom Life, Best Life” quote.  However, at times I’ve recently questioned this popular catch-phrase. Maybe it’s because I stay at home or because […]

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Child Care Options

Daycares and Nannies, Au Pairs? Oh My!

From the time we learn we’ll soon welcome that precious baby into the world, we parents must figure out how to care for them. So begins the extensive research on the many options for this sweet child who we hope to guide into the best person imaginable. One major decision I seem to need to revisit often is choosing where my […]

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missing mom

When Mother’s Day Isn’t Happy

Most people enjoy Mother’s Day each year as a time to celebrate their mom or be celebrated as a mom. After all, moms work hard, and a day to celebrate them is well-deserved! However, for some of us, Mother’s Day is associated with pain, loss, and sadness. It’s depressing to think about a holiday in […]

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Mother's Little Helper

Mother’s Little Helper

I’m starting to feel about Facebook the way I used to feel about wine. That it’s a pseudo-relaxing/rewarding habit I wish I could quit but am afraid to because I’m not sure what I’d replace it with. It even comes with hangovers–like when you’ve been mindlessly scrolling for 10 minutes and realize you’ve seen the same […]

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2017-04-01 16.36.30

50 Things Money Can’t Buy

It never hurts to remind ourselves that there are a lot of things that money can’t buy and that the best things in life are truly FREE! Money is indispensable. We, of course, need money to survive. However, sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important and forget that life is meant to be celebrated! […]

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