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show dad love

Show Him the Love

In my opinion, dads are often the unsung heroes of the parental unit. I’m so grateful for an annual holiday to take the time to pause and reflect on the important role father’s play in the lives of children. But then, why stop at just one day? Reflecting on my own marriage, I became aware […]

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To Grandmother’s House We Go

Oh, how I wish it was just over the river and through the woods to our grandmother’s house. For us though, that’s simply not true. Our beloved TuTu lives deep in the heart of the Lone Star state, a whopping 1,200 miles from our Columbus home. Thankfully technology makes it easier than ever to stay […]

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HI! I'm an orphan. (3)

An Orphaned Mom

I’m young – 37. And I don’t have living parents anymore. I’m an orphan and I, of course, hate it. My friends have parents, why did mine have to die so young? (Commencing pity party…..). The Backstory….. In 2013, my dad passed away just four days after I told him that I was pregnant with […]

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On Being a Boy Mom

On Being a Boy Mom

    I Realized Something Recently  Not too long ago, I was pondering whether I’d like to have a third child.  Just a few weeks away from my due date with baby boy #2 (let’s call him Baby G), and it hit me like the weight of my 2-year old son lobbing a wooden toy at my […]

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Mom Tribe

How to Find Mommy Friends

In the workforce, you need to surround yourself with great coworkers. Great coworkers makes doing your day to day job a lot easier. It is important to have peers you can bounce ideas off of, lend a hand, and give advice. We too as moms need a supportive workforce behind what we do as well. […]

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