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Mommy Judgement

What’s With All the Judgment?

I have a friend who went through a hellish pregnancy, followed by a traumatizing delivery, followed by a debilitating bout of postpartum depression and almost two years after the birth of her child, suffers from PTSD caused by the pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.  She has chosen not to have another child.  Do you blame her? Strangely, many people […]

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Confessions of an “Older Mom”

Confession:  I feel like an old mom.  Okay, maybe that’s not entirely accurate.  I FEEL like a 25-year-old.  But I’ll just say it: this month I turned 39.  Which means I’ve begun the countdown to 40.  When it comes to being a mom, statistically speaking I’m old.  The average age of a first-time mom is […]

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Motherhood, Juxtaposed.

Motherhood is being exhausted beyond all reason, yet still having an urge to get more things done. It’s pride that your child is growing and learning, and unexplainable grief that they will never be this small again. It’s giving everything you have, every day, and still feeling like you haven’t given enough. It’s finding clothes […]

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5 Date Nights You Can Easily Do at Home

When you become a parent, it’s a major lifestyle change.  One of the biggest changes is your ability to spend quality, one on one time with your spouse.  The weekend used to consist of relative “free time” to have what now (in retrospect) seems like endless date night opportunities.  When you have a baby, your […]

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