Beer Me! Local Brewery Roundup-Downtown Edition

Columbus is home to many fun, unique breweries. Sometimes you just need to relax and drink a craft beer (uninterrupted by children) with other adults. Below are a few to try in the downtown area!


                                       Wolf’s Ridge Brewing: Photo Credit- Aaron Taylor Photography

Four Downtown Breweries: 

  1. Wolf’s Ridge Brewing (215 N 4th St, Columbus 43215) 

Craft brewery, taproom, and kitchen with a large selection of unique beers, tasty cocktails, and wine. This brewery was kind enough to host two CMB bloggers for brunch in July. The beer selection is exceptional, and the menu is diverse and delicious. It also features gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. We recommend the Daybreak brew- a coffee-laced beer that’s perfect for brunch! We also loved the delicious sugar donuts with a creamy coffee dip.

Website: Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

  1.  Elevator 13th Floor Taproom (165 N 4th St, Columbus 43215

A few blocks from Wolf’s Ridge is a taproom featuring brews crafted by Elevator Brewing Company. Separate from the restaurant, this taproom is in a trendy garage. Sample any of the lagers, IPAs, and pale ales that Elevator brews year-round or seasonally.  Hours vary depending on the day and food is not served, but their restaurant is just down the street.

Website: Elevator 13th Floor Taproom

  1. Platform Beer Company (408 N 6th St, Columbus, 43215)

With breweries in Cleveland and Columbus, Platform offers over 20 beers between their locations. Featuring a white IPAs, a “palesner”, saison (a fruity pale ale), and several fruity brewed ciders, their menu is distinctive. Food options are available daily.

Website: Platform Beer Company

  1. Hoof Hearted Brewery and Kitchen (850 N 4th St, Columbus 43215)

Fun space with a large food menu and rotating beer list. Many of their beers are brewed in Marengo, OH and they all have fun, playful names. There is also a pool! (Is there anything better than drinking a beer by a pool when it’s hot?!)

Website: Hoof Hearted Brewery and Kitchen

Do you have a favorite downtown brewery? If so, comment below!

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