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Goldfish Crew is Gold Medal Worthy

This post was sponsored by Goldfish Swim School – Dublin and Goldfish Swim School – Westerville, but all the opinions expressed here are totally my own.

Give me five!

A go-get-’em five from the always encouraging Miss Adrienne

I’ve been asked a few times now who the best teacher at Goldfish Swim School is, and I’m sure it sounds like I’m giving the company line when I answer that they’re all great. But I will tell you with absolute sincerity that there has not been one single time in nearly 3 years of lessons at Goldfish — with two kids and a plethora of days, times, levels — that we’ve ever had a teacher I wouldn’t be more than happy to get again.

Yes, there have been a couple who my kids have clicked with on a different level — just a bit more of a rapport, an extra special connection — but not once have I had any disappointment in any staff member they’ve been in the pool with. And neither have my kids — and kids are brutally honest, right? I’ve not heard either say a negative thing about a teacher.

Friendly faces greet you when you walk in. When it’s time for the kiddos to hit the pool, they get an encouraging go-get-’em five by a deck supervisor who calls many of them by name.

In the water, there is no bigger cheerleader for your kids than their teachers. They want them to do well, master a skill, move on. You never feel like your kid is being held back. Right now, my youngest seems to have stalled on one skill that he needs to move up to the next level. One day, knowing that’s all he needs to do to earn his ribbon, the deck supervisor hopped in the water with him for a portion of his lesson and worked one on one. When my oldest was struggling a couple years ago with his roll over breath, another instructor did the same for him. Truly above and beyond.

The whole crew

The whole crew

You never see any signs of impatience. When your child has a crazy meltdown and won’t get in the pool because he doesn’t have his swim shirt, they are incredibly kind and understanding and know kids can have a bad day (and they also offer a shirt from the lost and found if it helps) (it didn’t, FYI). If your little one is petrified of the water, they’re extremely patient and work so hard to make sure the lesson is only a positive experience and not something forced on them.

They get kids. And they get to know your kids. There’s a personal connection they make, and it’s really impressive to see how much they care. You never get the sense that anyone there treats it as simply a job. When my kids have moved up levels, I’ve had that moment of “aw! I’m going to miss Miss (insert any name here),” but it’s fleeting as I’m always confident that whoever the next instructor is, I’ll be just as impressed.

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