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Vacation with friends

Girls’ Trip Getaway

  As a stay at home parent of three children aged three and under, I often feel completely and utterly indispensable.  While the feeling of being needed can be empowering at times, I couldn’t shake the desire to “check out” for a couple of days.  Sure, I got a break when I was at the […]

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Living With Post-Partum Anxiety

I’m pretty sure that I came out into this world a laid-back person. Although I have suffered from situational anxieties (usually related to boys during my adolescence and work in my adulthood) I have always been a go with the flow type of gal.  I credit this ability to not sweat the small stuff with […]

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Slaying My Toddlers’ Sugar Dragons

I recently completed my fourth round of the Whole30.  If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s an elimination diet that you do for 30 days to figure out what foods are causing inflammation and other bad stuff in the body.  For 30 days, you abstain from: dairy, sugar, legumes, grains, soy and (this one […]

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Three Reasons Having Twins Rocks

It didn’t really dawn on me that I was having twins until my baby shower when my mom asked me to pose for a picture holding up both car seats.  Shocked by the weight of the then still empty car seats,  I felt my stomach lurch and I wondered if I had bit off more than […]

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How to Help A Friend Through a Miscarriage

October 15 is Infant Loss and Awareness Day I knew the second that an image appeared on the screen that it was not good news. My husband had just gotten called into work so I was alone in the room with my doctor who had spent the past 2 years trying to get me pregnant. […]

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How to Make Mom Friends

Young doctors and their families live a somewhat nomadic life during the long training period in the first phase of their career.  We’ve been lucky and only had to move twice during the past 5 years – once during my husband’s training and then once for him to begin at his attending position.  Others in his class […]

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