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12 Days Of Columbus Dates

12 Days of Columbus Dates

Holiday shopping can be so daunting, and finding gifts each year for your significant other can be difficult for some. Recently, a good friend of mine told me about the “12 Days of Christmas Date Ideas.” The idea is to go on 12 dates throughout the next year with your significant other. I think this […]

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Infertility support

Friendships and Infertility

  I have a wonderful group of mom friends here in Columbus, they are so special to me!  For some of my dearest friends conceiving their children was a long road.  I am grateful that my friends have opened up about their journey. They have opened my eyes to a different side of pregnancy. I […]

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When Your Kids Teepee the Bathroom….

I was having one of those weeks. I mean let’s be 100 percent real, I was having a bad month. You know those days or weeks when you feel you are literally loosing every battle with your kids?  You see, I have 3-year-old twin girls. I love their bond, quick wit, and kind heart. However, […]

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Kid Friendly Luch Spots

Non “Fast-Food” Lunch Spots in Columbus

I am out and about a lot with my twins during the day. It is just easier some days to grab lunch while I am out. I wanted to give my Columbus Moms some of my favorite non-“fast food” spots.   1. Whole Foods Market Whole Foods is one of our favorite spots for lunch. There […]

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Columbus Skyline

Dear Columbus…Thank You…

Dear Columbus, We met in the wee morning of April 27th, 2013. I first saw you on highway 70 heading from the east. I was leaving behind four years in Washington D.C. At that time I was 14 weeks pregnant with twins. I knew nothing about you. All I knew was that you would be the […]

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Emerald Fields

6 “Mud” Free Parks

Columbus is full of some amazing parks. Early spring in Central Ohio has a tendency to be rainy. We want to get the kids outside, but sometimes we want to skip the mud. Here at Columbus Moms Blog, we wanted to give you a list of our favorite “mud” free parks. So here we go! […]

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Because I Said I Would…

  My family members were out of town for a week.  They asked if I would go check on their house and pick up some packages. It was an easy task, no big deal, so I said sure! I had my 3-year-old girls at home with me.  I called for the girls and told them […]

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Mom Tribe

How to Find Mommy Friends

In the workforce, you need to surround yourself with great coworkers. Great coworkers makes doing your day to day job a lot easier. It is important to have peers you can bounce ideas off of, lend a hand, and give advice. We too as moms need a supportive workforce behind what we do as well. […]

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