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alone time

Revisiting My First Loves

With Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of commercials about dates and gifts. While some women may swoon over the diamonds, flowers and elegant date night, when given the chance, I put in my request for time to myself.  Life Has Been Loud Lately I’ve felt stretched in staying afloat- following everyone’s schedule and keeping everything […]

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It’s Okay Momma, I’ll Help You Be Brave

As we were hugging tightly under the bedspread, pretending to tremble with fear he told me monsters were coming and we had to hide together. I asked him if we would be okay and he whispered to me “It’s okay momma, I’ll help you be brave.”  As we started to go higher on the swing […]

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Motherhood: We Weren’t Meant To Do This Alone

Hey momma- Do you ever feel like the amount of things that are expected of you as a part of motherhood is just impossible given the supports in place for moms and families? Do you ever wonder how in the world your mom and grandmas and great-grandmas survived motherhood with all of the pressures and […]

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self-care during pregnancy

6 Acts of Self-Care During Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant– woohoo! Thoughts flood your mind of how you’re going to take care of your little one from this day forward. In utero, in infancy, as a toddler, as a young child, as a teenager, and as an adult- you’re thinking about the ways you’ll nourish, serve, and lead this new life. But […]

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There is No Summer Bucket List Competition

The Summer Bucket List Pressure I have a feeling some of you need to hear this: The value of your child’s summer is not dependent on how many places they visit on their summer bucket list and how busy you stay. Phew. That feels better, right?  With summer break comes lists on lists of fun […]

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ways to help a new mom

10 Ways to Truly Help New Moms

Your friend just had a baby- now what? A new baby is exciting for so many people, and yet we find that when asked mothers often feel lonely, confused and overlooked. Postpartum is a time full of tremendous change in identity, routine, and any sense of normalcy. Then, add in a lack of sleep, painful […]

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grilled cheese sandwiches in Columbus

National Grilled Cheese Day

If I had to list the top five reasons I fell in love with Columbus, grilled cheese would be on that list. Monday nights + patio weather + sneaking off of work as early as possible for a “meeting” + all of my favorite people gathered around plates and plates of grilled cheese and the […]

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