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Rainy day activities

Rainy Day Toddler Fun

Rainy Days Being cooped up in the house can help make some really fun memories with the most basic items. Toddlers don’t need the flashiest toys, and they definitely won’t sit still long enough for a movie marathon. Belle keeps me on my toes, and I love it! I enjoy looking through Pinterest, YouTube, and […]

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Saving Money Locally – Toddler/Kid Non-Essentials

We hear that raising kids is expensive, and I totally agree. However, I think it’s expensive because we make it expensive. There are times I feel like our house looks like the aisles in Toys”R”Us. Our soon-to-be 2 year old loves her toys, but her imagination and curiosity can turn a box into hours worth […]

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baby products

YouTube Made Me Buy It – New Mom Edition

YouTube Made Me Buy It YouTube didn’t really make sense to me until after the baby.  I found myself watching more YouTube than regular television, since “free time” definitely came in smaller bursts. I enjoy following YouTubers who are real, moms and balancing life just like the rest of us. I’ve learned a lot of […]

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Gluten-Free, Toddler-Approved

When our childcare provider told us her home is gluten-free, I really didn’t think twice. I figured gluten-free just meant eating healthier, which is something I’m always trying to improve for our family. Who knew most of our staples were not gluten-free? You can find oodles of gluten-free recipes on Pinterest, but I just haven’t […]

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