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Mom Makeup Refresh {Places for Mom Pampering}

I had baby number three at the end of 2017. Either being pregnant or nursing for nearly six years straight, this mom was ready for a change. Since a new wardrobe was out of the question, I thought some new skin care products and makeup might just do the trick (also much more cost-effective). Plus, […]

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Evolution of the Nap

Evolution of the Nap

In my opinion, as an adult, you either nap or you don’t. My husband and I fall into the first category and consider them key to success in life. We have three, very early risers and because of this, naps help us function. And to be honest, we’d nap regardless. My son recently turned four […]

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Holiday Trains and Trolleys

Take a step back in time to experience the wonder of the holiday season by hopping aboard a train or trolley. Prepare for some old-fashioned fun and have a one-of-kind adventure on these unique locomotives. In addition to the train or trolley ride, many of these events also include a variety of other festive activities.  Trains […]

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show dad love

Show Him the Love

In my opinion, dads are often the unsung heroes of the parental unit. I’m so grateful for an annual holiday to take the time to pause and reflect on the important role father’s play in the lives of children. But then, why stop at just one day? Reflecting on my own marriage, I became aware […]

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print your phone photos

From Phone to Hands: Print your Photos!

Raise your hand if you have thousands (tens of thousands?) of phone photos that you’ve never printed. Basically, my entire children’s lives are documented on my iPhone and I’ve literally spent hours awake in bed at night concerned about the fate of all of those images. I decided enough was enough and went on the […]

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To Grandmother’s House We Go

Oh, how I wish it was just over the river and through the woods to our grandmother’s house. For us though, that’s simply not true. Our beloved TuTu lives deep in the heart of the Lone Star state, a whopping 1,200 miles from our Columbus home. Thankfully technology makes it easier than ever to stay […]

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This is Me

This Is Me: A Chapter In My Story

I have always loved children. As a kid, I dreamed of having a big family of my own. My best friend and I had future plans to start our own preschool. And my husband and I spent the early years of our marriage living abroad to teach at a bilingual school and love on orphaned children […]

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The Mommy Review

The Mommy Review

Let me begin by congratulating you. Being a mom is a hard, often thankless job, and you’re doing great! The role of mother is one of the most important responsibilities a woman can have, and that’s why I encourage your to do a Mommy Review. Similar to an Annual Performance Review one might receive from […]

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