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10 Must-Have Apps for New(ish) Parents

The Google Generation We hear a lot about how demanding and needy and impatient and blah blah blah the Google generation is. And some of it is true. BUT, we are also an incredibly smart, efficient, and powerful generation. And sometimes we can get lost in our screens, endlessly scrolling. But other times, we can […]

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celebrating Christmas early

When My Holiday Style Isn’t Your Holiday Style

I have a friend on Facebook who is sort of known for being a cold-weather grump and holiday Grinch. The second it gets cold out, the first snowfall, the moment someone lights up an inflatable Santa, he brings it to everyone’s attention… and makes it known how “not okay” it is.   I grew up […]

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Mental Health Awareness Day

Learning About Health as a Child I was lucky when I was little to have a working family with pretty decent health care. Growing up, I was at the dentist every six months for my routine check-up. I had braces when I needed them for as long as I needed them. I went to my […]

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Me time

It Was Just Me. Again.

Our family vacation in July was wonderful. Just the three of us venturing to the beach for a week-long getaway. But, I’m new enough in my job and lacking sufficient paid-time-off that I had to take part of the week unpaid. It was a bummer, but totally worth it. Our family needed to prioritize that […]

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Shake The Sand From Your Toes… Not Your Soul

Summer is winding down (wait, what?… but, it is…) and if you were lucky enough to travel anywhere this summer, for a long weekend or even a week-long getaway, chances are you’re also *lucky* enough to be reminded of how rough your everyday reality is because re-entry is real and IT. IS. HARD. Listen, I […]

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kids helping out

Let Them Help

Cleaning as a Type of Self Care One of my fellow blogger friends recently published a post on How to Introduce Chores into Your Child’s Life and allowing your little ones to help around the house. Before I even clicked onto the article, I started to think, “our daughter is only 2… she can’t really […]

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job as a parent

My Job, My Honor, My Privilege

Preparing To Be Parents When we were preparing to become parents, I remember lying in bed each night, being completely consumed by all the things we needed to start thinking about. Should we set up the nursery right away? What kind of car seat is best? Why are monitors so expensive and do I need […]

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Is She the One?

First Impressions You walk into the crowded room, there are people everywhere. Talking, walking around, mingling. You find your spot and take a seat, just kind of browsing the room with your eyes, taking it all in. You’re stumbling with your bag, notice that your boot is untied. You take a break from your room […]

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Box of Chocolates/Pill Box

When Your Pill Box Looks like a Box of Chocolates

I remember being at my grandma’s house and always seeing her pill case next to her bed on the nightstand. Labeled with each day of the week, a.m. and p.m., full of (what looked like) yummy little candies. Watching her take her morning pills I asked, “Grandma, what are those for?” She pointed to each […]

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