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A Thank You Note to Kindness

My family and I have been on the receiving end of a lot of kindness this past year. From large gestures of service that helped us get through losses, to small random acts that remind us we are in others’ thoughts. We have an incredible amount of things and people to be grateful for. I […]

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“Baby’s 1st” Hosting for the Holidays

For the first year after moving from Chicago, my husband Tim, our daughter, our fur-baby dog, and I traveled back and forth for most holidays, major birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. I looked back at my calendar and we were in Chicago once, sometimes twice a month from September 2016 until July 2017. We spent that […]

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National Ohio Day

Ohio aka The Buckeye State, The Birthplace of Aviation, The Heart of it All. If you’d asked me about Ohio before we moved here, I’d have told you it was a state you drove through. We still joke that there is something about Ohio that makes people want to leave the planet due to how […]

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North Orange Family Dentistry: A Five-Star Experience

Many thanks to our sponsors at North Orange Family Dentistry for providing Kristin with excellent dental care and treatment during her visit. Located in their newly built offices at 7325 Gooding Blvd in Delaware, North Orange Family Dentistry is now open Monday through Friday and every second Saturday of the month. Whether you’re in the […]

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National Coffee Day

I adore coffee. Me and caffeine were meant to bean. You cannot expect a latte out of me before my first cup. Personally, I celebrate coffee daily. Nationally, coffee is commemorated on September 29th. National Coffee Day is a holiday that can come with some fun perks, or you can brew up your own way […]

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The Pressure Cooker of Potty Training

Potty Training Pressure I recently had a night out with some girlfriends. The topic of conversation turned, as it inevitably does at some point, to our kiddos. This particular discussion was about potty training. Someone brought up a book whose method said there’s a window for potty training and, if you miss it, it spells […]

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“Grandparents Camp”

Since moving away from our immediate family three years ago, visits are precious and far fewer than when we lived less than an hour away from everyone. Finding time to travel or time to host overnight guests is also getting tougher the more entrenched we get in our lives and schedules here, and as our […]

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Riding lessons at Neely Equestrian Center

Horseback Riding at Neely Equestrian Center

Thank you to Neely Equestrian Center for sponsoring this post and providing a wonderful space for children and adults to take lessons!The first time my daughter rode a horse was at the zoo just before she turned two. Since then, she’s been obsessed. One of her favorite TV shows is Spirit Riding Free, she only […]

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