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2017-11-30 22.20.19

Favorite Holiday Traditions

If you are like most families, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without a family tradition. Whether your traditions are simple or extravagant; or your looking for ideas to start your own, they are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression and make the Christmas season magical! Some of our contributors share their favorite family traditions. […]

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Holiday Teacher Gifts- What They Really Want

Before we know it school with be out for the holidays, and believe it or not your child’s teacher is just as thrilled as your child! The few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas bring on added stress with parties, projects, and the struggle to keep overly excited pupils focused before officially calling it quits before […]

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Things To Consider Before Getting A Family Dog

It is inevitable that your child will or has asked you, “Can we get a dog?” My husband and I fell victim to this very question 2 years ago when our eldest son was 6 years old. Our response was that we’d revisit the idea when you turn 8. Welp, he turns 8 in 3 […]

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Is Handwriting A Lost Art?

Is handwriting a lost art? Remember the days when writing a thank you note was the norm, reading cursive was an expectation and not a choice, and writing your signature set you apart from everyone else? Surprisingly, things have changed for our children. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for children to be introduced to technology […]

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2017-04-01 16.36.30

50 Things Money Can’t Buy

It never hurts to remind ourselves that there are a lot of things that money can’t buy and that the best things in life are truly FREE! Money is indispensable. We, of course, need money to survive. However, sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important and forget that life is meant to be celebrated! […]

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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of MLK

We have closed out 2016 and have jumped right into the new year. In January, we celebrate the life and legacy of an important historical figure, Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. It is important to not just take a day off to relax but to remember why we celebrate this inspirational man.  He has inspired so […]

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