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family memories camping

Creating Family Memories Through Camping

Last Summer we took the big kids camping and made one of my most favorite memories ever. It wasn’t expensive. It wasn’t Disney. It didn’t last a week. It was only for one night and yet to me, it was my most magical memory of the year. I stumbled upon Wayne National Forest when I was […]

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spring fashion

3 Ways to Style a Midi-Skirt for Spring

My typical momiform is pretty much yoga pants and a tee or sweat shirt. Come time for a special birthday party, family pics or date night I realized I have another momiform, the midi skirt. They are flowy, feminine and oh so comfy, while still providing full coverage if I need to squat to change […]

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Taking care of mama

Take Care of Yourself: Self-Care Reminders

January was an absolute doozy of a month. One of the toughest I’ve endured in my seven years as a mom.  Coming off that holiday crash combined with 10 days of everyone having the flu was soooo tough. Truthfully I wasn’t sure I would survive. My goal for February? To fill up my OWN tank. […]

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Reading books to children

Our Favorite Kiddo Books of 2017

One of my absolute FAVORITE  moments with my kids is reading to them!!! I’m sure its because I have such amazing memories of books & reading with my mom & dad.  Reading comic books with my dad when he would get home late from work. Saturday mornings at the library with my mom, coming home […]

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Finding The Perfect Gifts For Your Family

I’ll never forget the time my best friend described me as “someone who loves to create moments.” Moments meaning memories. I had never thought of it that way but she was SO on point! I love throwing parties, taking trips & of course going over the top with the holidays. The past few years I’ve […]

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Doughnuts in Columbus

Happy National Doughnut Day, Again!

When I heard there was a second National Doughnut Day (the first is in June) I thought about ignoring it. Then I thought DUH gimme ALL the doughnuts!!!!! (If you are wondering why there are two National Doughnut Days, read this: National Doughnut Days.) The Columbus doughnut scene (yep it’s a thing) is beyond yummy! […]

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Teal Pumpkin Project

The Teal Pumpkin Project

I’ve been trying to type a post about life with food allergies that wasn’t super Debbie Downer, circa Saturday Night Live all month. Today is the 30th & this post is due October 1st. The truth is life with food allergies stinks. Being the parent of a child with life-threatening food allergies is terrifying, sad & […]

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