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moving with a toddler

The Emotions of Moving with a Toddler

Apartment living is so convenient! No yard work, there’s a handyman on call, no shoveling the snow, etc. I love it. But it was time to make that leap, really set some roots, and invest in a house. OYE! How adult, #amiright?! Moving sucks. Something I wasn’t expecting was the emotions of moving into a […]

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searching for the perfect house

Searching for the Perfect House

Are you ready to nail down some roots and purchase your first house? Making that decision is exciting and terrifying. Seriously, a 30 year mortgage. Whoa. Talk about a commitment! Ease that crazy fear with thoughts of all the family memories that will be made in that home. The end result is exciting but you have […]

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I Don’t Say Thank You Nearly Enough

Dear Husband,  First things first…I can be a jerk. I admit it and I am sorry.  You do nice and thoughtful things all the time, and I hardly show any appreciation.  A simple thank you is long overdue.  Some days you might wonder if the love is still there.  It tends to get lost in […]

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friendships change and that's ok

Friendships Change and That’s OK

Weekends look a lot different these days!  Being a mom, a wife, having a full-time job, and attempting to keep up friendships is hard work.  You often feel like you can’t be good at all the things at the same time; something has to suffer a little.  I can tell you right now, my friends […]

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one year reflection

Lessons From My Baby: A One Year Reflection

I just had a baby, and we are already celebrating a year! How does that even happen?! They say time flies when you’re having fun! Well, it also flies when you’re running on fumes because you’ve gotten very little sleep.  Yeah, that seems more accurate!  You really lose all sense of time as a parent. […]

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