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encouraging creativitiy

Encouraging Your Creativity

My husband is an encourager. If I mention something I find interesting or inspiring, he’s there to encourage me to give it a try for myself and explore my creativity. My husband’s encouragement is how I came to contribute to this blog. His encouragement is also how my third-trimester obsession with watching videos of other […]

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Bullet Journaling Will Change Your Life

I’ve always been a journal person. Ever since high school, I’ve used a little notebook to keep track of notes, assignments, lists, and ideas. Despite the convenience we now have on our phones, I’ve always loved the feel of pen on paper. There’s just something about watching ink glisten as it makes its way across […]

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Your New Favorite Kids Summer Tech Animation Project

As the summer continues, you and your kids might be running out of ideas. You’ve done the pool, the park, the movies, the zoo, and everything else. You’re probably also tired of how much time your kids have spent on YouTube or playing Roblox. Fear not! I have your kids’ next tech-focused creative project: stop-motion […]

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Celebrating Earth Day in Columbus

Each year, Earth Day is celebrated in 193 countries on April 22. Worldwide events are held to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Did you know there are numerous events taking place right here in Columbus to celebrate? What’s even better is that many of the events involve family time! Check out the list below for ways […]

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kindness rocks

The Kindness Rock Project

This spring, my little ones and I kept finding rocks on our walks that were beautifully painted and many of them had inspirational words on them as well. The more we found, we began to notice on the back of each rock, the hashtag “#Worthingtonrocks”. After a little googling, I found out the mission behind […]

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Ohio State Fair photo

Let’s go to the Ohio State Fair!

Let’s talk about the Ohio State Fair, mamas. Did you know it’s amazing? And affordable? And in our backyard? Several years ago, my sister-in-laws started entering the fair’s baking and crafting competitions. I would listen as Bern and Theresa would pore over recipes, craft books and Pinterest to decide what concoction they’d enter. To be […]

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Preschool Snacks

Quick & Easy Preschool Snacks

Do you dread your appointed snack day? The day you have to provide the snack for your child’s whole preschool, kindergarten, or elementary class? I always want to do something fun and cute, (darn you Pinterest!) but I rarely have the time.  I have a hard enough time even remembering what their appointed snack day […]

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Busy Bag Ideas for Indoor Play

Busy Bag Ideas for Indoor Play

These Busy Bag ideas will help occupy your small child when rainy spring weather keeps you indoors!   They say “April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring this mama a case of cabin fever!  It’s finally getting warm enough to go outside, but the rainy spring weather arrives to once again keep us indoors! Ugh… Just when […]

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