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pregnancy and eating disorders

Taboo Topic: Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Are you squirming in your seat just reading the title of this post? No matter. That’s natural. Also, that’s probably why the topic is still quite taboo and sits quietly under the radar. Other topics surrounding pregnancy – such as exercising well into the third-trimester, C-sections, the realities of infertility, post-partum mood disorders and the […]

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How Core Strength Impacts Your Child’s Handwriting

Does your child have difficulty sitting still in class? Slouch when they sit? Have poor handwriting? Handwriting is a complex task that requires 15 skills. One underlying cause that affects handwriting skills is the lack of core strength. Children with a weak core are unable to function successfully in and outside of the classroom. What is […]

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A Moms Intro to Minecraft with Game-U

Thank you to our partners at Game-U Dublin for sponsoring this post and providing us an opportunity to share more about this fun and educational program!My (almost) 6-year-old son and I were invited to check out Minecraft night at Game-U in Dublin. Game-U is an after-school program that teaches kids how to design and build […]

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fine motor skills

Simple Fine Motor Strengthening Activity

Are you looking for a cheap product that will easily help to strengthen your child’s hands? A familiar item that not only helps strengthen fine motor skills but other fundamental skills as well. That item is pipe cleaners. Yes, pipe cleaners! Using pipe cleaners for a fine motor activity is beneficial for the development of […]

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Moms Day Out programs

Parents’ Day Out Programs

Let’s paint a picture. You, a stay-at-home-parent, occasionally find yourself daydreaming about sitting by yourself, drinking a hot (what’s that?) beverage, scrolling through your social media feed without a tiny human’s hands grabbing at your phone. Your kid isn’t quite ready (or old enough) for preschool, but if you aren’t able to get just a little time for […]

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