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3 Ways to Style a Midi-Skirt for Spring

My typical momiform is pretty much yoga pants and a tee or sweat shirt. Come time for a special birthday party, family pics or date night I realized I have another momiform, the midi skirt. They are flowy, feminine and oh so comfy, while still providing full coverage if I need to squat to change […]

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A few simple ways to get into spring fashion

Simple Ways to Spring Your Wardrobe Forward

I don’t care what the calendar says, spring begins on March 1, if only in my heart. With the unofficial change in seasons, it’s also time to think about transitioning your wardrobe for milder temps. I joined a style challenge over on The Mom Edit that helped me remix my wardrobe in unexpected ways, and I loved creating […]

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Coordinating Outfits

Never Out of Style: Coordinating Outfits for the Family

Growing up my Mom was famous for dressing the family in coordinating outfits. My sister and I would oblige (somewhat begrudgingly I’m sure…sorry Mom!). As we grew older we would laugh and poke fun of the snapshots of the matching outfits that filled picture frames throughout our childhood home. I swore I would never coordinate […]

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Plain City shops

The New Faces of Plain City

My husband and I moved to Plain City the summer of 2016 before welcoming our first little babe. We have grown to love this little town and all of its timeless treasures but it seems to be that everyone is starting to move in too! With the new Costco built on Industrial Pkwy and new […]

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memorial tattoo

Treasured Tattoos

In 2013 I lost both of my parents during my third pregnancy. My dad, four days after I told him I was pregnant and my mom, 13 days before I gave birth to my daughter. For the past nearly four years, I think about them all the time. Every day, almost every minute it seems. […]

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Insta-style inspiration

Among the myriad ways one could describe me, “stylish” probably would not crack the top 50. And I’m OK with that. Keep it simple, less regret. But a little effort into not feeling or looking dowdy can go a long way toward a better disposition (hearkening back to the days of watching Stacey and Clinton […]

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Spring Fashion for Toddlers

Spring is rapidly approaching and for some of us that may mean sprucing up your tots’ wardrobe. Now that we can start shedding the puffy coats and snow pants we can look ahead to prep for Easter events, spring family photos, or just every day cuteness! Trendy outfits are no longer exclusive to adult wardrobes […]

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