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The Strength of Heart Babies

When people hear that I am a clinical social worker supporting patients and families affected by congenital heart disease, I often am responded to with an audible sigh.  Many can’t understand why I would willingly be in said roll, considering the depth of grief that I often witness. And not simply grief related to the […]

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ways to help dry itchy skin

Six Ways to Combat Dry, Itchy, Irritated Winter Skin

Winter in the midwest.  Dry itchy irritated skin.  Can you relate? Invest in your skin.  It’s going to represent you for a long time. 1. Stay Hydrated Being well hydrated is so important for many body systems, including skin health.  I know you have heard this before… drink plenty of clean, filtered water throughout the […]

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Dear Weary Mom, I See You

Dear Weary Mom, I See You

  Did you rush through that last bedtime story because what you needed was a glass of wine and some reality TV?   Did you serve mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for the 5th night in a row?   Do you get so tired a full nights sleep won’t even put a dent in […]

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hair loss

Postpartum Woes: Hair Loss

  This past week was my first back to work after maternity leave. With all the emotion that already comes with leaving your baby to return to the workforce, it seems horribly unfair that this is also the time postpartum that many women feel the worst about their appearances. I know, I know, I just […]

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