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pregnancy and eating disorders

Taboo Topic: Pregnancy and Eating Disorders

Are you squirming in your seat just reading the title of this post? No matter. That’s natural. Also, that’s probably why the topic is still quite taboo and sits quietly under the radar. Other topics surrounding pregnancy – such as exercising well into the third-trimester, C-sections, the realities of infertility, post-partum mood disorders and the […]

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Recognizing The Signs of a Stroke

Did you know May is National Stroke Awareness Month?  According to the American Heart Association, strokes are the #1 cause of disability and #5 cause of death in adults in the US every year. Someone has a stroke every 40 seconds. Those are pretty scary and shocking statistics, right?  My husband works in the healthcare […]

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10 Ways to Ease Morning Sickness

10 Ways To Ease Morning Sickness

Are you or someone you know suffering from morning sickness?  Today I’m sharing 10 ways I’ve found to help ease that awful, all-day nausea!  I want to start off by saying I’m not a medical professional.  These are just some ways that I’ve found to be helpful in easing my own morning sickness.  If your […]

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Columbus Fitness Guide

Self-care mama. It's oh so important, but it is oh so difficult as busy mamas, believe us, we get it. But is it impossible? No way! And you know what? We think you're worth it! Which is why we put together this guide full of fitness facilities around Columbus. A healthy mama is a happy mama, [...]
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