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post-holiday meltdown so have a reset day instead

How to Handle The Post-Holiday Meltdown

Brace yourselves, the holidays are coming. The day after Halloween this year was a train wreck. One where bystanders can see the desperate attempts of the train conductor trying to stop the hurtling force towards a car on the tracks, waving frantically and screaming as the driver of the car scrolls Instagram. Finally, she finds […]

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Local Toy Stores

My Favorite Local Toy Stores

With Christmas approaching, I know what’s on the mind of most children – toys!! While many people enjoy shopping online, I really prefer to shop in person, if possible. It’s even better when I can shop at a locally owned store.  This past year I’ve started to explore more parts of Columbus and along the […]

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Make holidays more stress-free with these ideas

20 Ways to have a Stress-Free Holiday

While everyone seems to talk about “holiday magic” it’s no secret the holidays can be a stressful time too. It’s understandable when you consider there are often gifts to think of and buy, fancy meals to plan and make and of course Santa to see! Not to mention snowy weather might make travel difficult or […]

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Holiday Gift Guide_Featured Image_600x400

Holiday Gift Guide

As moms, we know who brings the true sparkle and shine to all the seasonal activities - it's you mama! It's hard work bringing tidings of comfort and joy to our loved ones all season long, but we've got your back. While we can't trim your tree or deck your halls, the cheerful CMB elves [...]
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celebrating Christmas early

When My Holiday Style Isn’t Your Holiday Style

I have a friend on Facebook who is sort of known for being a cold-weather grump and holiday Grinch. The second it gets cold out, the first snowfall, the moment someone lights up an inflatable Santa, he brings it to everyone’s attention… and makes it known how “not okay” it is.   I grew up […]

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“Baby’s 1st” Hosting for the Holidays

For the first year after moving from Chicago, my husband Tim, our daughter, our fur-baby dog, and I traveled back and forth for most holidays, major birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc. I looked back at my calendar and we were in Chicago once, sometimes twice a month from September 2016 until July 2017. We spent that […]

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free and inexpensive

Free and Inexpensive Christmas Activities in Columbus, Ohio

Let’s be honest: Christmas comes with a lot of expenses each year. Luckily Columbus is full of budget-friendly activities for the holidays! Save money this holiday season and check out these affordable and free Christmas activities!  Daily Free Christmas Activities Huntington Holiday Train at the Main Library: The beloved Huntington Holiday Train will be back on display […]

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