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adjusting to life with a newborn

Surviving Your First Month with A Newborn

As most of us know, the first month at home with a newborn can be quite an adjustment. I recently had my second child and even as a “seasoned” mom, I forgot how something as small as a 6lb. baby can turn your world upside down.  Luckily for me, I’m a type A planner. Knowing […]

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Mom's Summer Reading List

Columbus Moms Blog Summer Reading List

Ready to get your beach vacation book list started? Having kids, it’s hard to find the time to pick up a book, let alone find one that you know will keep your interest. Look no further, we have a list for you! We have compiled our favorites from many of our contributors to put on […]

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Behind the Soccer Uniform

While this is post is part of a sponsored relationship with Post Consumer Brands, all of our thoughts are proudly our own.It’s Saturday morning and I pull up to the soccer field with one minute to spare. The car door opens and my uniform-clad child hops out, grabs his bag and jogs up to his […]

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Four Lessons I Learned From My Kindergarten Grad

I can’t believe my daughter just completed kindergarten! It’s been as much a learning process for us, as parents, as it was for her as a student finding her way. I took for granted the fact that she was reading before starting kindergarten, and admittedly didn’t exactly know how to prioritize all it would take […]

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Perfect Meals to Bring New Moms

Perfect Meals to Bring New Moms

Are you looking for a meal idea to bring a new mom?  Today I’m sharing a few ideas from some of our local food bloggers!  I don’t know about you, but right now I have so many friends having babies!  What better way to help out the new parents than to bring them a home […]

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natural ways to induce sleep

Seven Foods Every Mama Needs For Better Sleep

Last month I shared some tips on how to eat for energy.  This month, I am switching gears and sharing some tips on how to eat for sleep.   Full disclosure: There is NO food on this planet that will help you sleep through a newborn crying out to be fed, a toddler who fell […]

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Mom as a leader

5 Leadership Traits I Learned as a Mom

  I don’t think moms generally get enough credit as “leaders” in our society. I’ve read plenty of articles about how managers should value staff and clients, those that encourage supervisors to confidently inspire, and of course the ones providing general lessons on how to become a better leader. I have NOT come across much […]

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