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Summer Camp Guide

It's hard to believe, but NOW is the time to start the planning process and register for Columbus summer camps.  So to help in your planning we've partnered with a ton of wonderful businesses that are highlighted in this guide. Columbus offers a wide range of enriching experiences for our children, perfect for a range of ages and [...]
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alone time

Revisiting My First Loves

With Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of commercials about dates and gifts. While some women may swoon over the diamonds, flowers and elegant date night, when given the chance, I put in my request for time to myself.  Life Has Been Loud Lately I’ve felt stretched in staying afloat- following everyone’s schedule and keeping everything […]

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The Murky Water of Miscarraige

The Murky Waters of Miscarriage

“You never know who is swimming in the murky waters of miscarriage” – this quote from an article I read last year still resonates with me today. You guys…I get it. Three times actually. Why are miscarriages so hard to talk about? Why are we so ashamed? I’ve gone through every emotion – sadness, anger, […]

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It’s Okay Momma, I’ll Help You Be Brave

As we were hugging tightly under the bedspread, pretending to tremble with fear he told me monsters were coming and we had to hide together. I asked him if we would be okay and he whispered to me “It’s okay momma, I’ll help you be brave.”  As we started to go higher on the swing […]

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Does my breastfeeding bother you?

Does My Choice To Breastfeed Bother You?

The Hope to Breastfeed “I hope I can breastfeed with this pregnancy but I’m not sure. I think people are pretty tolerant about it nowadays, right?” My friend recently asked me this question and for advice considering that she is pregnant with Baby Number Two. She was like almost all of my friends who could […]

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A staycation for mama

A Staycation For Mama

At the beginning of 2019 I felt exhausted, overworked and burnt out. Of course, I enjoyed being a stay-at-home-mom, but being with my children all day, every day was wearing me out. When you add in the fact that my son, who was nine-months-old at the time, rarely slept through the night, it had been […]

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Own your Truth in 2020

Standing in the Light: How to Own Your Truth in 2020

Lose weight. Save money. Travel more. As my friends pledged their New Year’s resolutions, I contemplated my own. A recent binge of the TV show Scandal brought me to an interesting quote by its lead character, Olivia Pope: “Moments like this give every woman an opportunity to decide what kind of person she wants to […]

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