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house window

On Looking Through My Own Window

I have a big imagination. BIG. Unfortunately, it’s most often put to use inventing incredibly detailed worse-case-scenario montages. My husband says I should be a horror writer because of the way I’m able to imagine a million and one terrible things befalling the people I love (on the plus side, I’m an excellent defensive driver). […]

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baby products

YouTube Made Me Buy It – New Mom Edition

YouTube Made Me Buy It YouTube didn’t really make sense to me until after the baby.  I found myself watching more YouTube than regular television, since “free time” definitely came in smaller bursts. I enjoy following YouTubers who are real, moms and balancing life just like the rest of us. I’ve learned a lot of […]

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Evolution of the Nap

Evolution of the Nap

In my opinion, as an adult, you either nap or you don’t. My husband and I fall into the first category and consider them key to success in life. We have three, very early risers and because of this, naps help us function. And to be honest, we’d nap regardless. My son recently turned four […]

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Dear Weary Mom, I See You

Dear Weary Mom, I See You

  Did you rush through that last bedtime story because what you needed was a glass of wine and some reality TV?   Did you serve mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for the 5th night in a row?   Do you get so tired a full nights sleep won’t even put a dent in […]

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Saving Money on Groceries

25 Ways I Save Money Grocery Shopping

Are you looking for some ways to save money on groceries?  Today I’m sharing 25 ways to help you do so!  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average US family of four spends between $568-$1,293 dollars a month at the grocery store.  This makes it the third largest household expense.  These figures are […]

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hair loss

Postpartum Woes: Hair Loss

  This past week was my first back to work after maternity leave. With all the emotion that already comes with leaving your baby to return to the workforce, it seems horribly unfair that this is also the time postpartum that many women feel the worst about their appearances. I know, I know, I just […]

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