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adjusting to life with a newborn

Surviving Your First Month with A Newborn

As most of us know, the first month at home with a newborn can be quite an adjustment. I recently had my second child and even as a “seasoned” mom, I forgot how something as small as a 6lb. baby can turn your world upside down.  Luckily for me, I’m a type A planner. Knowing […]

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losing a loved one

Navigating Parenting When A Loved One Dies

  There will come a time in your parenting gig when it all gets really real, real fast. You find yourself stunned and needing to be on point. For me, that moment came earlier this year when my family experienced two unexpected deaths within 11 weeks of each other.  It was hard. I have 4-year-old […]

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“Your daughter bit a friend; Again”

Toddlers are awesome; I mean they learn something new every single day, have enough energy for all of us, and find joy in the smallest of things. Toddlers also feel big emotions in their tiny bodies because of all of these new discoveries that they make. Sometimes the way they process these big emotions is […]

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image of a girl swinging on monkey bars

To The Big Kids At The Playground

When my children were toddlers, I can remember cringing when we arrived at the playground to find it teeming with “big kids” — usually elementary school-age kids or older, all of them bigger, louder, faster, and pushier than my two little toddlers wobbling their way around the play equipment like wayward penguins. They shouted too […]

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Mom as a leader

5 Leadership Traits I Learned as a Mom

  I don’t think moms generally get enough credit as “leaders” in our society. I’ve read plenty of articles about how managers should value staff and clients, those that encourage supervisors to confidently inspire, and of course the ones providing general lessons on how to become a better leader. I have NOT come across much […]

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