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tiny house

Why I Love My Tiny House

Our house is old and tiny. When we purchased it five years ago, we didn’t really take future children into consideration; we now have a three-year-old and a second baby arriving this July. While there are times I’ve definitely wished for more space, having a small house has several advantages I have come to appreciate. […]

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Talking About Death With Young Children

The first time grief catches me off guard, I am reading an article about swallowing incorrectly. My daughter’s speech was slow to develop and is still not as articulate as is typical for her age. I read the article and wonder about her facial muscles, if an issue with mouth movement could possibly be causing her […]

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parenting is hard

Can We All Agree That Parenting Is Hard?

It’s been a privilege to be a part of the Columbus Moms Blog community. I’ve met so many amazing women (and men!)  and learned many different ways of parenting. It’s a gift that I don’t take for granted. And in exchange for being welcomed into this amazing group, I am asked to share my thoughts […]

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Evolution of the Nap

Evolution of the Nap

In my opinion, as an adult, you either nap or you don’t. My husband and I fall into the first category and consider them key to success in life. We have three, very early risers and because of this, naps help us function. And to be honest, we’d nap regardless. My son recently turned four […]

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