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imperfect life

Three Things I’m Quitting Now

While doing some introspection recently (read: driving with all three kids buckled in the back seats actually being quiet), I identified some unhealthy patterns that I had gotten caught up in. In fact, subconsciously I knew they were lingering and I really needed to do something about them. There is never a better time to […]

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neighbors as friends

Neighborly Love

When we moved into our house six years ago, one of our biggest questions was “what will our neighbors be like?” Since that time, we have come to know the people who share our street quite well and cannot be more thankful to now call them friends. They don’t just share a cup of milk […]

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Life after pregnancy loss

Life After Pregnancy Loss

As I begin, I first want to offer my sincere sympathy to those who know the searing pain of pregnancy loss. It’s completely tragic, devastating and leaves the heart longing for what might have been. I personally know this gut-wrenching pain and have come alongside loved ones as they too have walked down this painful […]

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family bond

A Letter to My Oldest Child

To my oldest child, I’ve been thinking and I have something I just have to get off my chest. We’ve never really talked about this before but its been eating at me for a while. I hope you understand how much I love you and always have your best interest in mind. Now that you’re […]

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time with grandparents

“Grandparents Camp”

Since moving away from our immediate family three years ago, visits are precious and far fewer than when we lived less than an hour away from everyone. Finding time to travel or time to host overnight guests is also getting tougher the more entrenched we get in our lives and schedules here, and as our […]

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ways to help a new mom

10 Ways to Truly Help New Moms

Your friend just had a baby- now what? A new baby is exciting for so many people, and yet we find that when asked mothers often feel lonely, confused and overlooked. Postpartum is a time full of tremendous change in identity, routine, and any sense of normalcy. Then, add in a lack of sleep, painful […]

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Is She the One?

First Impressions You walk into the crowded room, there are people everywhere. Talking, walking around, mingling. You find your spot and take a seat, just kind of browsing the room with your eyes, taking it all in. You’re stumbling with your bag, notice that your boot is untied. You take a break from your room […]

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Am I where I want to be

Am I Where I Want To Be?

The combination of a New Year and a January birthday always brings me to a place of introspection. I just love the hope that comes with a fresh start and the excitement of new adventures to come. Amidst all of the ambition, I also find myself pondering my place in life.  I remember distinctly completing […]

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kindness of strangers

A Few Good Men

Driving home from preschool pickup, the battery light illuminated on my dash and the car began to smell as if it were burning. Shortly after, my SUV completely stopped working in the middle of the road. I found myself and three young children in an inoperable vehicle in heavy traffic. I got out and opened […]

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