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Keeping in Check as Sports Parents

Our four year old son just started playing flag football this spring and it has been an absolute blast! My husband also happens to be a coach. The supportive mom and wife that I am, I get pretty excited (VOCAL) on the sideline. We’re a competitive family and regardless of the situation, it’s a hard […]

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I Don’t Say Thank You Nearly Enough

Dear Husband,  First things first…I can be a jerk. I admit it and I am sorry.  You do nice and thoughtful things all the time, and I hardly show any appreciation.  A simple thank you is long overdue.  Some days you might wonder if the love is still there.  It tends to get lost in […]

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relationship coaching

8 Weeks of Relationship Coaching

Do you go out once a year, on Valentine’s Day?  If it wasn’t for Valentine’s Day my husband and I might not have gone out on a date.  But here we are after relationship coaching…  It was a Wednesday night. My husband and I walked into the bar to the dance floor. We stood next […]

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friendships change and that's ok

Friendships Change and That’s OK

Weekends look a lot different these days!  Being a mom, a wife, having a full-time job, and attempting to keep up friendships is hard work.  You often feel like you can’t be good at all the things at the same time; something has to suffer a little.  I can tell you right now, my friends […]

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Lessons in love

10 Lessons in Love I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Marriage

Do you ever come across elderly couples, walking hand in hand, radiating out their love for each other? That. That’s what I want. Now and forever. I’m a hopeless romantic – in fact, I’m basically Charlotte. I love happily-ever-afters, grand romantic gestures, and sappy love songs. While my pragmatic side recognizes real life just doesn’t work […]

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missing loved ones during the holidays

Grief During the Holidays

Christmas is everything to my family. Growing up it was the one day that I felt unapologetic about the gifts received and the joy it brought. Given that Santa brought them, I knew my parents weren’t burdened by the costs and that they truly enjoyed it as well.  Christmas meant baking Christmas cookies and making […]

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