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8 Creative Ways To Declutter For Spring | Spring Cleaning | Declutter Your Home

8 Creative Ways To Declutter For Spring

As I am packing up my house to move, I am realizing we have way too much stuff…it’s time to declutter! Getting rid of your excess stuff not only clears your physical space, it can help clear your mental space as well.  So, since spring is upon us (finally) I thought I would share some […]

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earth day ideas

5 Ways Help Kids Learn to be Kind to Mother Earth

In celebration of Earth Day, let’s talk about some ways to foster a love for the environment with our kids. Kids are so impressionable and eager to please, so now is the best time to teach them to love and respect Mother Earth.   “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow […]

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yard improvements

Spring Yard Ideas

Now that’s it spring, it’s time to stop hibernating and get back out in your yard, reconnect with the neighbors, and finally, pick up those leaves you didn’t get to in the autumn.  As a landscape architect, people are often asking me questions about how to improve their landscaping. That, and if I design golf […]

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Spring Bucket List For Families

Spring Bucket List: For Families

Spring is here! Time to get out of hibernation and embrace this cheery season! Though our family had a lot of fun in the snow this past winter, I gladly say goodbye to those frigid temperatures. Here is a bucket list for your family to make the most of springtime! So long winter, see you […]

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