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vacation feeling

Bring Back That Vacation Feeling

Back to life! Back to reality! That late 80’s song by Soul II Soul is the anthem that rings through my ears as vacation comes to an end and life as normal will soon resume. But I think to myself, why does this vacation lifestyle have to end just because we’re going home?  We had […]

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Fourth of July Tradition: Boating With Littles

                                                                                   Lake Cumberland is a magical place, about 5 hours from Columbus, that consists of 1,200 miles of shoreline and some of the most amazing memories in my life! It is a man-made, flood control lake nestled in some of the most beautiful areas of Kentucky. The shoreline is all natural, with no homes directly […]

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Tips for Surviving Road Trips with Little Ones

There is something special about creating memories not just at home, but in new cities. I love to travel and want my kids to grow up appreciating the sights, sounds, people, flavors and overall culture of new cities, both near and far. I know that even leaving the house can be a daunting thought depending […]

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family memories camping

Creating Family Memories Through Camping

Last Summer we took the big kids camping and made one of my most favorite memories ever. It wasn’t expensive. It wasn’t Disney. It didn’t last a week. It was only for one night and yet to me, it was my most magical memory of the year. I stumbled upon Wayne National Forest when I was […]

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day trips

Awesome Summer Day Trips From Columbus

With the kids out of school you might find yourself scrambling for ways to keep them entertained and also to have some family fun at the same time.  Summer can also be a busy time and sometimes it can be hard to find the time or budget for a full-fledged family vacation.  That’s why I […]

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Camping With Kids Tips For A Great Trip

Camping With Kids: Tips For A Great Trip

Do you have fond memories of family camping trips? Maybe your memories are similar to mine: exploring the woods with cousins, singing by the fire, eating my uncle’s gourmet meals, and the tent just somehow magically appearing. In fact, as a kid, I don’t remember any actual work ever being done on a camping trip. […]

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all-inclusive resorts

Why I’m All For All-Inclusive Resorts

We’ve just about survived my daughter attending kindergarten this year and that deserves a vacation! Whenever my husband and I research our annual family trip, booking an all-inclusive resort is the best option to keep everyone happy. My in-laws have also started coming, and I couldn’t imagine a better way to create memories together. Here […]

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