5 Mommy and Me Toddler Dates in Worthington

Are you new to Worthington or looking for some unique things to do with your little ones? Being a parent has changed the definition of the word “date”. There are some days where dates include some special one on one time with your son or daughter or perhaps taking all of your kids out for a new activity. We love visiting places with our kids for the first time to see their reactions and hear about their memories weeks later when they ask to go back to those places. If you are looking for some new ideas here in Worthington, look no further!

Sassafrass Bakery

  • Sassafrass is a charming bakery right in the heart of Old Worthington. Not only do they have savory lunches and tasty treats, they offer a milk and cookie happy hour for the kids!  It appears that the definition of the word “date” has changed, and perhaps the term “happy hour” has a new meaning as well! This hour definitely brought a “happy” smile to my kids faces. They each got to pick out a cookie and enjoy a free milk too! The bakery is small and quaint and has high chairs if needed for your younger kids. You won’t be disappointed in their sprinkle cookies! And an added bonus…a free coffee for mom to keep up with those kiddos! Check out their website for bakery hours: SassafrasBakeryIMG_1258

Pingree Park

  • As the weather turns warm, we are always on the hunt for trying out new parks. I’ve learned the best way to hear about great parks is through word of mouth. We have quickly learned from other moms what the best age group is for a certain park, if they have restrooms nearby or a convenient spot for a snack! All the necessities, right?! We have recently stumbled upon a fun park near downtown Worthington, called Pingree Park. It is located right off of 161 within a Worthington Neighborhood. It has a great “tot lot” that allows your toddler to gain independence at the playground without having to worry too much about bigger slides. When the sun is shining, this makes for a fun date with your kids! Pingree Park Location

Worthington Community Center

  •  Another great place to check out in Worthington is the Community Center. The center has open swim each day, typically from 9-12, with hours offered on the weekends as well. The pool has the perfect sized slide for your little one and even has a water/splash fountain area for infants and toddlers as well. The center offers very reasonably priced classes each season and swim lessons as well. The classes do fill up quick, so be prepared to sign up on time! Whether your little is into swimming, ballet, or sports, these little outings make for a memorable experience and it is great for those winter months! You can find out more information about the classes here: Worthington Community Center

Worthington Place Mall

  • The play place at the mall is located at the North End of the Worthington Place Mall. It has been updated in the past few years and has a cushioned play area, with a tree like structure slide for the kids to play on. The play place is great for the toddler age and also has benches and tables for a snack to complete your date with your little one! There is also a tasty ice cream place right outside the mall called Cookie Dough Creamery, if you’d like to end your play session with something sweet! To find out the location and shops at the mall visit here: Worthington Place

Little Free Library

  •  Have you seen these popping up in your neighborhood? We came across a little free library on a walk one day and after some research, now know that they are all over the world. Their purpose is to build community and to provide a free book exchange for kids. This has become one of our favorite dates. We look for libraries on different walks and take books with us to exchange. When you come across your first one, it is an exciting thing for a toddler to take a book home while on a walk! The next day it is a fun outing to take one of our books to donate back to the “Free Library”. You can also use this site to see if there are little libraries in your neighborhood! Little Free Library Map
    Take A Book, Donate a Book!

    Take A Book, Donate a Book!

While the list could go on and on with things to do with your little ones in Worthington, these 5 dates offer a variety. Whether it’s being active, exploring, or treats (or all of the above like us!) that you and your toddler love, I hope you are able to find a unique experience! I urge you to go out and explore the many fun filled things Worthington has to offer and make some wonderful memories on your mommy and me dates!

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  1. Brittany March 19, 2016 at 1:17 pm #

    Great ideas! I love the idea of happy hour with the little ones!