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Living a Simpler Life as a Columbus Parent

Simplify – A word that probably crosses our minds daily as parents. With children, and particularly in a big city like Columbus, it is easy to get caught up in the business competition. We feel like if our families are not constantly stimulated that we are somehow wasting time or failing as parents. We create a cycle for ourselves of adding more and more to our schedules, yet we constantly yearn for more down time. So how do we get off the roller coaster of busy? A few simple steps may help more than you think.

  • Turn off your phones. Or at least leave them in a different room! If you’re like me, the thought of turning your phone completely off gives you serious anxiety, so start with baby steps. Leave your phone in another room with the sound up. That way you will still hear it if someone has an emergency, but you won’t mindlessly reach for it and flip through apps. Another trick is to set an alarm on your phone for a specific amount of time and do not pick it up until the alarm rings. You may be unpleasantly surprised how many times you want to reach for it out of habit, but after trying out this technique for a few days, you will realize you don’t miss spending so much time on your phone.
  • Delete your cable. I realize this may sound like a scary and irrational step, but no one has ever looked back and wished they watched more TV, plain and simple.
  • Schedule time every week to spend some time outside. We all know the benefits of children (and adults!) getting outside, so make it a priority. Here are lists for some of the best parks and pools around Columbus!

Top Municipal Columbus Pools Columbus Parks

  • Head to the library. Most of us would say that we would love to read more, and would love our children to read more too. There is no better place for that than a library. The journey to the library and getting a library card can be just as whimsical for a child as the book they are reading. Reading also allows us to relax our brains and shut out the stress of our lives, and who doesn’t need more of that? Check out our article about Columbus’ little free library below.
Little Free Library
  • Stop Procrastinating. We all know that having something looming over our heads can add unnecessary stress to our lives. Discipline yourself to do things as soon as they need to be done, and enjoy more time to relax later.

Making a few simple changes can have a huge impact on your family. Stick it out through a few of these disciplines, and enjoy a simpler, and hopefully a little less busy, life with your family.


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One Response to Living a Simpler Life as a Columbus Parent

  1. Janel
    Janel June 30, 2016 at 6:06 pm #

    Great perspective Katie Grace. I will certainly take advantage of the outdoor times while the weather is nice. Thanks for your post.