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Summer is almost here, which means lots of outdoor activities including and pool time. If you’re a mom to little ones, your pool days are not spent relaxing on a pool chair.  Instead, you are pulled in numerous directions as you try to keep an eye on each kiddo and respond to their every call of, “Watch me do this!” Once your children become confident swimmers, your anxiety can ease up just a bit when they are near water. Our partners at Goldfish Swim School recognize the importance of equipping little ones with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond should children encounter a water crisis. Here are the many ways the Goldfish staff bring awareness to the important topic of water safety::

W.A.T.E.R. Safety Presentation

Goldfish offers a free 20-minute water safety presentation to teach young children the key concepts in a water emergency. Bubbles, the mascot, comes along for this interactive program. Each child gets to take home some treats such as a pencil, stickers, and parent letter so parents can reinforce the concepts taught.

This program is geared towards children ages 3-7 years old, with a modified version for the older age level. Preschools, early childhood centers, k-2 classrooms, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or Moms Groups interested in this presentation can contact Goldfish for more information. In May, they spoke to thousands of children and Goldfish is proud to provide this important information to the community.

BubblesWater Safety Tips

Lisa Armitage, the owner of Goldfish Swim School, shares some important safety tips in this video: Swimming Safety Tips From Goldfish Swim School.

Water Safety Week

Beyond the skills learned in class, each quarter Goldfish devotes a week to water safety skills. During this time the instructors spend extra time talking with children about water safety and having them practice things like jumping in the water without goggles, how to safely get to the side of the pool, working on the back float and treading water. It is important that children hear these tips often, so they remember what do in case they are ever faced with a water crisis.

Swim Lessons

Enrolling your children in swim lessons is an excellent way to ensure your child has a safe environment to practice swimming skills. All Goldfish staff members are CPR certified, have lifeguard training and first aid certification. The swim instructors have 40 hours of training before their first solo class. Each month, an in-service for continuing education is mandatory for instructors to attend. Goldfish is committed to equipping their staff with the skills and passion needed to teach young children.

Read more about why we love Goldfish Swim School here: Individual Attention at Goldfish Swim School

Special Events

Goldish Swim School is hosting a FREE Water Safety Awareness Event at both their Dublin and Westerville location on Saturday, May 19. They will have water safety clinics, entertainment, refreshments and visits from community helpers. There will be water safety centers set up in the swimming pool for children to participate in, so please be sure to bring a swimsuit and towel if your child would like to practice new water safety skills!

Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School for all of the expertise they shared on water safety!

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