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Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea

Every time we need to buy a gift for a teacher, it’s always a few days of brainstorming and trying to find cool original ideas that are also useful. What do you get someone you don’t know really well? Someone you feel very appreciative of because she teaches your children and makes them a better person? About a year ago I started making my own hand scrub and hand lotion. At first, I gave it as a part of a Christmas gift to a few of my friends and I placed it at the studio where I work. Everyone gave rave reviews and I even had people that wanted to pay me to make it for them. I always make that stuff for free for the people I care about, so no money was exchanged.

I think it’s an excellent gift idea that shows thought and originality. I find this scrub very moisturizing without being greasy. It leaves a fine scent that is not overpowering.  Teachers wash their hands constantly and the use of hand sanitizer leaves hands dry and parched. With the use of this scrub, there is no need for hand lotion and it will leave hands soft for days.


2 tablespoons food grade organic French lavender (I purchase mine from Etsy)

1/3 cup grapeseed oil

1 cup organic vanilla sugar

Zest of lime, lemon and orange

To create vanilla sugar place a used vanilla bean in the container that you keep your sugar and leave it there for at least a few days. I keep mine there permanently and the sugar has a nice vanilla scent.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl and then place in mason jars. The batch makes about 5 4oz mason jars. You can decorate the jars with flowers, and you can ask your kids help to give it a personal touch. Use glitter markers or make crazy drawings; the sky is the limit!



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