Happy National Doughnut Day, Again!

When I heard there was a second National Doughnut Day (the first is in June) I thought about ignoring it. Then I thought DUH gimme ALL the doughnuts!!!!! (If you are wondering why there are two National Doughnut Days, read this: National Doughnut Days.) The Columbus doughnut scene (yep it’s a thing) is beyond yummy! I had to include my kiddos in my research because if they found me hiding in a closet covered in doughnut crumbs I’d never hear the end of it.

Our first adventure led us to Tilly, Tupelo Doughnuts own doughnut truck. Isn’t she adorable? Tilly can be found slinging delicious doughnut flavors like Creme Brulee & Brown Butter Hazelnut all around Clintonville, downtown and soon at 4330 N. High St. just across from Northstar. You can find Tilly by following along on Tupelo’s Facebook or IG. It was the most beautiful nite to spend some much-needed one on one time with my girl.

I’d been dying to try the gluten free Cherbourg Bakery ever since I heard they were tree nut & peanut free (they are also gluten free)!  This was literally my food allergy babies FIRST time eating out!!! I may have gone a little overboard, literally buying one of everything which included cinnamon, chocolate AND pumpkin doughnuts. We also tried the iced sugar cookie and s’mores bar because, why not? We were delirious from the sugar anyway. The bakery is tiny, cozy and tucked into the cute little downtown of Bexley. I chatted with another mama while we were there, she was gluten free and came all the way from Clintonville because Cherbourg is SO good!!!


Still on my Doughnut Bucket List is an Amy’s Doughnuts field trip. You can bring a group (up to 15) to get a tour and decorate their own doughnuts with worms, sprinkles or any other crazy delicious topping Amy’s might offer. The trips are free but you do have to call ahead to schedule. Here is a great write up from our own Columbus Mom’s Blog with even more delicious Cbus doughnut hot spots and check out these Top 5 Artisanal Shops!!!

As I started writing I literally had a revelation. The point of National Doughnut Day doesn’t exist so I can brag about the trendiest doughnut shop or look how many places that mom goes with her kids. It’s about making unforgettable memories. Even if that means taking your kiddos to Tim Horton’s for a special breakfast or having a picnic on your deck with a dozen Krispy Kremes. It’s the little moments that make childhood magical, but a chocolate creme filled long john certainly can’t hurt.

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