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Reindeer Breakfast Treats

These quick and easy Reindeer Breakfast Treats are a fun way to get your kids in the holiday spirit first thing in the morning! 

Reindeer Breakfast Treats

This recipe for Reindeer Breakfast Treats is a little simpler than most of my recipes. It’s not really even much of a recipe really… It’s mostly just a cute breakfast idea for the kids. If you use whole wheat bread and a natural or low-sugar peanut butter, it also makes the list of “healthy breakfasts” in my book.

As you can see, this is a recipe from my childhood. This is probably the first recipe I ever wrote out, at least it’s the oldest one I have. Every time I look at the little recipe card, I can’t help but smile and have a chuckle at younger me. I mean really, is this not one of the cutest things ever? When my mom gave it to me a few months ago, she was just beaming with that “you were so cute!” look!

Reindeer Breakfast Treats

I actually remember having these when I was younger. My mom would make them for my sister and I during the holidays for something a little different in the morning. I must have been around kindergarten or 1st grade. It’s such a simple, yet fun breakfast treat to get everyone in the holiday spirit, don’t you think?

It seems as though I lost the energy to write out the entire recipe, so here’s how you finish them. After spreading peanut butter on the toast, you give Rudolph a maraschino cherry nose, some pretzel antlers and two chocolate chip eyes. How adorable, right?  

Don’t you think your kids would love eating these in the morning? They would probably love to help make them too! Emily’s not old enough for me to confirm, but I’m assuming a breakfast the kids can both make and will actually eat is considered a win-win, right?

Reindeer Breakfast Treats

If you’re looking for a fun breakfast idea, one the kids could even help with, why not give these a try? Younger Melissa and actually, even older Melissa loves these little reindeer treats for breakfast 🙂

Reindeer Breakfast Treats

Serves: 4

4 slices whole wheat bread
1/4 cup peanut butter (natural preferred)
16 pretzels, broken to look like reindeer antlers
4 maraschino cheers, cut in half
16 chocolate chips

1. Toast the bread. Once toasted, spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on each slice, then cut each in half diagonally to create 2 triangles.
3. Place two broken pretzels on the long side of each toast triangle, to create antlers, and then a maraschino cherry half on the opposite point, to create a nose.  Place two chocolate chips in the center for eyes. 
4. Feed to hungry children (or adults) for a festive breakfast treat.
*Note: I remove the chocolate chips before serving to Emily as she’s under 2 and they may be too large and hard for her to eat properly


Reindeer Breakfast Treats


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