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100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

As much as I like to plan ahead, sometimes I am stumped when it comes to what to put into stockings! It usually becomes a last minute thing for me and I am scrambling for ideas. This year, it’s before Halloween and I wanted to get my stocking stuffer ideas planned out. I thought I would share these simple ideas with you. These are also great suggestions for St. Nicholas Day. Stuff away! 

100 Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

  1. Bath Bombs
  2. Cards from Siblings or Parents (you can do this for your spouse too!). We like to make a top 10 list of our favorite memories from the year. 
  3. Fun Shaped Ice Cube Trays
  4. Orbeez Color Pack
  5. Blind Bags
  6. Fidget Spinners
  7. Fingerlings
  8. Zing Thumb Chucks
  9. Reindeer Bell (fell off from Santas’s Sleigh)
  10. Squishies 
  11. Brain Quest Cards 
  12. Wipe Clean Learning Books
  13. Post-it Notes 
  14. Socks
  15. Rubber Band Ball 
  16. Keychains for bookbags- personalized too! 
  17. Scented Markers
  18. Coin Purse filled with coins for making wishes 
  19. Popcorn 
  20. Toothbrushes
  21. Toothpaste
  22. Floss or Flossers
  23. Mouthwash
  24. Jump Ropes 
  25. Gel Pens
  26. Rubik’s Cube 
  27. Lip Balm
  28. Nightlights 
  29. Nail Stickers
  30. Play Dough
  31. Slinky 
  32. Music CD’s/iTunes Gift Card 
  33. Sunglasses
  34. Harmonica 
  35. Card Games- Old Maid, Go Fish, Uno
  36. Nail Polish 
  37. Mittens/Gloves
  38. Bubble Bath/Shower Gel
  39. Candy Canes
  40. Character Knife and Forks
  41. Bubbles
  42. Yo-yo
  43. Earbuds
  44. Bath Toys
  45. Subscription to a magazine
  46. Subscription to monthly box- Kiwi Crate, Tinkercrate, Etc. 
  47. Water Wow! Pads
  48. Sticker Books
  49. Hot Chocolate Packages
  50. Gold Chocolate Coins
  51. Favorite Candy
  52. Bath Crayons
  53. Window Crayons
  54. Sidewalk Chalk
  55. Character Duct Tape
  56. Hair bows or clips
  57. Underwear
  58. Slippers
  59. Water Bottle 
  60. Bandaids
  61. Cookie Cutter
  62. Cupcake Liners
  63. Personalized Thank you notes
  64. Gift card to local bakery 
  65. Movie Tickets 
  66. Gift card to local event 
  67. Tickets to local show 
  68. Clementines for good luck
  69. Small Flashlight 
  70. Mini Puzzles 
  71. Earrings or Stick on Earrings 
  72. New DVD movie 
  73. Silly Putty
  74. Watercolor Set
  75. Wallet
  76. Joke Book
  77. Puppet
  78. Flashcards
  79. Character Washcloths 
  80. Gum
  81. Journal 
  82. Deodorant 
  83. Bouncy Balls 
  84. Guitar Picks
  85. Comic Books
  86. Ornament 
  87. Luggage Tags
  89. Krazy Straws
  90. Handmade Coupon Book 
  91. Mints
  92. Hair Elastics
  93. Flower Seeds 
  94. Hair Brush
  95. Refrigerator Magnets 
  96. LOL Dolls
  97. Shopkins
  98. Cake pops
  99. Sprinkles for cookie decorating 
  100. Shaving Cream 

And there you have it! What’s your favorite stocking tradition? What other little toys are your kids into this year? (Is it just me, or are little toys oh so popular these days?) Do you wrap the gifts individually or just place them in the stocking? Whatever your traditions are, I hope you found some unique ideas and don’t have to wait until the last minute to stuff away! 

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