10 Self-Care Tips For Winter

Is it Spring yet? If you are anything like me, you can only handle the severely cold weather, grey skies and that somewhat pretty white stuff (a.k.a snow) up until Christmas and then you’re over it! Although, fashionably speaking, I do love a cute sweater and a scarf. But, I crave the warm sunshine of summer, and coming and going freely without the hassle of donning the winter essentials or braving the drastically low temps. I am the type that could hibernate all winter and be unbothered, but for many people, winter can bring on the “winter blues”. It is important that during these frigid months we take care of ourselves both mentally and physically, as we would during any other season.

Here is a list of tips to help give you a little pep in your step on those days, when you might not be feeling like yourself. Add or scratch off ideas, as you please. Everyone is different- find what works best for you!

1 | TAKE A VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENT. Taking a supplement is a great way for your body to get the vitamin D you would normally get in the summer/warmer months. (Please note: I am not a doctor. Before taking anything consult with a medical professional. I also highly recommend reading up on vitamin D supplement alternatives as well.)

2 | PRACTICE A NEW OR OLD HOBBY. Is there something that you’ve wanted to start for some time and just haven’t? Or something you used to do or started and just haven’t had the time to get back to it/finish it. Why wait any longer? Just do it!

3 | EAT HEALTHY. The best way to avoid eating what you want, when you want is to plan ahead and to have healthy food options on hand.

4 | EXERCISE. It is very challenging to get out of the house to workout during the cold months. Consider buying small exercise equipment for home. Compact exercise equipment can provide a full body workout. A few inexpensive items to purchase are dumbbells, kettlebells, an exercise ball, jump rope, bosu ball, jump rope and mini cycle. There are numerous outlets online that you can find gently used items. Another alternative would be to check out YouTube for at-home workout videos.

5 | GO WITH THE FLOW. It’s okay to take each day as it comes. It is inevitable that each day will be different because that’s life!

6| STAY HYDRATED. Be sure that you are supplying your body with ample amounts of water on a daily basis. During the winter months, both work and home environments tend to be dry due to heating the air.

7| SLEEP. During the winter months, it is not unlikely for you to contract a cold at some point. Getting enough sleep is key in order to avoid suppressing your immune system function. Your body needs an adequate amount of sleep to fight infectious diseases.

8| ORGANIZE. Why not start Spring-cleaning a little early? I feel like when my house is de-cluttered and clean, I am in a much better space, mentally. It’s easy to just let those holiday decorations just stay put or hoard clothes that you might fit into/wear again (likelihood is very slim). With kids, keeping a tidy house can be very hard and exhausting, but when you try to make it a habit to clean on a regular basis, find places for things that can be kept permanently and begin to organize you will feel a lot better. It can be overwhelming at first. I suggest taking it one room at a time. Now is the perfect opportunity to get your house in order. Hear from an expert about the Top 10 Organizing Mistakes.

9| UNPLUG. It is so easy to feel the need to stay connected when you’re stuck in the house. You wake up looking at your phone; your constantly checking your social media accounts or emails during the day, and then you look at your phone before going to bed. The excessiveness can take away from what is really important, such as sleep, quality time with your family and lessening the risk of straining your eyes.

10| CREATE A VISION BOARD. Set obtainable goals for your self for the New Year. Create a vision board that not only reflects the things that you want, but also how you want to feel. Keep the vision board in a place where it can be viewed often. Make those visions come to life!

While practicing self-care is needed, it does not always come naturally. A lot of us tend to take care of others and forget that we deserve to take care of ourselves. Remember that in order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself!

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