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5 Reasons Why You Need an Onsite Childcare Service

Sitter with MM kids

Sitter with MM kids

It happens to all of us. We plan an event and there will be lots of kids there that we don’t know what to do with. But you don’t know how an onsite “childcare” service can make your life better and make your event kid-friendly and guests happy. You can have both! Hire an Onsite childcare service.  An onsite childcare service brings babysitters, games, toys and adult supervision to YOUR event. Similar to a typical childcare setting, an onsite childcare service is convenient, safe and comes to your location.

Here are just 10 reasons why YOU NEED AN ONSITE CHILDCARE SERVICE.

1. Because you feel better when you have a plan for entertaining the kids at your event.  
Kids can play independently for a few minutes, maybe up to an hour. After that, their short attention spans will have you scurrying to chase after them like trying to herd cats. Be proactive. Plan ahead.

2. Because sometimes you get too busy to look after the kids.
Stuff happens.  An onsite childcare service with trained professionals are never too busy to look after the kids at your event. That’s what they do! You don’t have to worry about them running wild.


face paint sitter MM photo

face paint sitter childcare MM photo

3. Because if you ask your relative to watch the kids one more time…
Just because your teenage niece or your mom have been your “faithful” and “trusty” babysitters for your kids, they are not necessarily trained or have the professional expertise to watch OTHER children. In fact, you can face serious liability issues if a family member is involved in a claim by a parent of a child of the guests at your event. Don’t risk a law suit. Hire an onsite childcare service such as Mobile Mommies.

4. Because you NEED to consider the needs of your guests.
You are so involved in planning the event and the guest list, don’t forget about the kids of the guests. Kids hate going to events and seeing their parents having a wonderful time and all they get to do in sit in a corner and color. Onsite childcare providers bring supervision and entertainment for the kids.

5. Because the DJ, caterer and photo booth staff are NOT babysitters.
It’s nice when the event staff is kind enough to help out with a TV/DVD player to show a kid’s movie, but they are not trained or legally permitted to provide babysitting service at your event.

tiger MM photo

tiger MM childcare photo

Planning a successful, multi-generational event doesn’t have to be scary. Before you finish the details on planning your once in a lifetime event, make the nominal investment of hiring a reputable, trained onsite event childcare service to take care of the kids.  You will be glad you did!

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