Keeping Kids Safe-Awareness is the Key

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Keeping Kids Safe

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Natasha Barber who gave me her insight on why it’s important to address keeping kids safe. Natasha is an author and expert in tips for children who are on the Autism spectrum and key considerations that parents need to make in caring for their children. She shared a personal story that prompted her to be more aware.


“One day my Autistic son ran out of the school playground onto a 50 mph road”, Natasha shared. “He was not hurt but I realized that my efforts to keep him safe weren’t enough. My husband and I started to learn safety tips and saw parents who were unsure about how they could keep their children safe. This motivated me to share autism safety with parents.”


Esaias as toddler


Natasha says, keeping a special needs child safe and any child is challenging.

“A diagnosis of Autism is not a negative label. A diagnosis opens doors for your child for therapies and schools to help with extra support. An informed parent can share safety tips with other moms.”

As a mom, I was recently interviewed by a local news reporter and I made the following remarks concerning the need for parents to work hard to keep kids safe outdoors:


Boys as toddlers by tree


“I am vigilant about protecting children. Both of my sons, now teenagers, have been taught to look out for one another. They know our “safety” word that we created and only we know. If somebody did come to them and say ‘Hey, your mom said I’m allowed to pick you up’ that person has to say the safety word or they are NOT authorized to be around my sons.”

Natasha and her sons love going to the beach and to amusement parks in the summer and works with her illustrator on children’s books. She is also a writes about Autism safety at home, in the community and at school. You can see more on her website, Autism Moms Know Safety.

Look for more information on how to keep your children safe this summer and throughout the year, by visiting the pages on Columbus Moms Blog for helpful tips and posts.

We all love our children and we want to protect them from harm and danger. Be an informed parent and teach your children to use safety tips that will protect them. Check out some other local resources on kid’s safety such as Safe Kids Columbus and Water Safety Tips from Goldfish Swim School. Thanks for reading and have a safe summer!

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