Little Free Library: Take a book. Return a book.

Last month, we mentioned the Little Free Library as a fun play date with your little one in Worthington. But did you know that the libraries are popping up all over the city? There are actually 36,000 registered libraries across our 50 states. Within Columbus and the surrounding suburbs, there are 52 Little Libraries, with more growing each year. The Little Free Library’s mission is to promote literacy and spread the joy of reading. Another goal of the program is to promote a sense of community and to share skills, creativity and wisdom across generations. When we first came across “The Little Free Library”, we wanted to learn a little more information. When we googled the program, we also found out that if you would like to build your own little library for your neighborhood you can certainly do so. You can purchase the materials from their website and they also love the idea of people creating their own libraries out of recycled materials. This project could even be a great idea for a school-wide activity to promote literacy and community.

Take a book. Return a book.

Take a book. Return a book. It’s simple!

For our family, “The Little Free Library” is surpassing the goals it has set to achieve. When we stopped by the little library near our house, not only were we able to pick up and donate books, we were able to meet some of new neighbors as well. When you take some of your own books to donate, you will quickly see how it allows your child to see the importance of giving back to others and helping the people in your community.

There was also a new found excitement about the books when we took them out of our bag.  Our children instantly remembered where they had gotten that special book.  “It’s the book from the little house!” my two year old shouted, as a smile came across her face. It goes without saying that reading to your children helps instill a life long passion for books and reading. The Little Free Library gives you the chance to incorporate the importance of literacy and generosity at the same time.

Trying to decide which books to donate!

Trying to decide which books to donate!

As the weather turns warmer, it might be fun to take the kids on a Little Free Library scavenger hunt! Not only will your kids be more excited about the books they picked out, but a life lesson in compassion and generosity will fill their hearts as they give back to their community. Let us know if you decide to build your own Little Free Library- we’d love to hear all about it!

If you are interested in finding the nearest library to you, feel free to use this link that will provide a map for you. Find a Little Free Library

Happy hunting and happy reading!

For more information- visit their website today!

For more information- visit their website today!

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