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Sometimes as a parent you have a moment so horrible that you’re pretty sure you’ve hit a new low in the lowest of low parenting moments. We’ve all been there. Trust us on that. This post really serves no other purpose but to make you feel better about how your momming (or dadding) is going and to know that your kids don’t have exclusive rights to temper tantrums, pouting or straight-up meltdowns.

I try to keep it pretty real in my social media posting while maintaining a smidge of privacy for my family who didn’t ask for a mom who has a slight FB and IG addiction and now also blogs. In order to protect the innocent (and perhaps more so the guilty too), these bright shining MOMents have been compiled from various sources. Not “sources” like “asking for a friend,” but other real-life moms who deal with real life, and sometimes real life gets really real – those time when you don’t just drop the ball, you spike it and put a dent in the wall.

‘Let’s never speak of what happened this morning again. Do we have a deal?’ ‘I’ll drink to that!’

• “I accused both my young children of faking illness. They weren’t so young that I didn’t know what they looked liked or how they acted when they were sick (or so I thought). So I basically told them to suck it up and get over it. I knew something was up when the oldest fell asleep in the middle of the day. Took his temp. The little one wanted in on that action too. Turns out, BOTH had fevers of 103. I felt as horrible as they evidently did. In my defense, they had no other symptoms and have never ever before been considerate enough to fall ill on the same day.”

“I threw my children’s favorite stuffed animals out of the second floor window because they wouldn’t settle down at bedtime. I opened the window, threw one out, then walked into my daughter’s room, opened her window and threw another one out. Peals of screams erupted and my husband had to intervene and get them to bed while I collected their toys off the lawn. I hit the frustrated parent wall hard that night.” Another mom responded saying she would do the same thing but screens stood between the lovies and the lawn, Mom A replied, “There were screens. And I kind of knocked them out in my fit. Whoops.”

•  “The tooth fairy had to borrow money from my kid’s piggy bank. Not the one who lost the tooth. That would just be wrong.”

• “I cried when I found out Christmas Break was a day longer than I’d initially thought.”

• “I threw out a handful of toys because my daughter wouldn’t pick them up. I told her if they weren’t important enough to take care of, they weren’t important enough to keep. I still feel bad about it; I should have donated them instead.”

• “My son said, ‘I’m going to look for my elf tonight’ (as in Elf on the Shelf). I replied, ‘good luck with that’ (We don’t have one).”

• “I returned my son’s big Christmas present. He loved it… for about 2 minutes. And that stupid thing was expensive. So when he didn’t look at it or mention it again after those two minutes, I sent it back. It’s been more than a year and he’s only brought it up it twice. I just change the subject.”

• “My twins (I wanna say they were maybe 2.5) used to smear their poop on the walls like Picasso during nap time. I would hear giggling and walk upstairs and could just smell it. Probably happened 5 times. It was horrible. Every time they thought it was funny and would get a warm bubble bath. My husband and I had enough. The last time they did it I put them in a cold bath and they screamed and cried. And, well, they never did it again!”


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