Here’s Why You Should Visit DAVIDsTEA

Thanks to DAVIDsTEA for sponsoring this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

I thought I knew a lot about tea as a health enthusiast who regularly drinks tea as part of a healthy diet. It turns out, I don’t know that much about tea after all. I learned so much from Natalie, Events Marketing Specialist for DAVIDsTEA during my brief visit at the Easton Towne Center location. I even learned you can make delicious cocktails with tea. Game changer. 🙂

Why You Should Visit DAVIDsTEA 

A crisp, clean, modern, and inviting atmosphere. It is no accident DAVIDsTEA brand colors are teal and white. With 150 types of tea, you might think you’ll be overwhelmed. But do not worry, the store is very well organized and the staff well equipped to help you make the right choice. They let you see and smell all the teas, and they have many tasting samples. They truly are very patient when you can’t decide.

Once you have picked the type of tea(s) you want, you get to choose how you will brew and drink your delicious tea. This is where it gets really fun! DAVIDsTEA has a giant selection of tea mugs, tea cups, tea presses, travel mugs, kettles, frothers, pitchers, steepers, and teapots; as well as infusers, filters, tins, spoons, and sweeteners. 

There was so much to choose from, and everything was so pretty and functional. I wanted one of everything! Again, the very knowledgeable and friendly staff was there to help me decide what best fit my personal needs.   

Great Gift Ideas

For the Holiday Shoppers

DavidsTea has a really fun selection of holiday gifts. Who wouldn’t love sipping a warm, delicious cup of tea by the fire this time of year? Imagine coming home from a long day of shopping and running errands, getting the kids settled, and cozying up on the couch with a cup of warm tea and a great book. Don’t forget you can make tea cocktails if a cup of tea isn’t going to cut it after a long day.  

My favorite is the 24 days of tea advent calendar. My daughter and I couldn’t wait to start sampling our teas on December 1st. You can also pick from a large selection of holiday tea tins, samplers, tea mugs, and infusers.   


DAVIDsTEA is the perfect place to find a gift for everyone on your list.

For the Moms

DAVIDsTEA has a selection of teas to keep your family healthy. I am ready for cold and flu season with Organic Cold 911, Organic Throat Rescue, Organic Mother’s Little Helper, and Organic Dream On in my cupboard.  

For the Health Enthusiasts

By now, most people know drinking tea is good for you. Tea has less caffeine than coffee and is high in antioxidants. Drinking tea regularly can support cardiovascular health, promote weight loss, build strong bones, prevent cavities, boost immunity, and protect against cancer. Tea is a great way to stay hydrated during the winter months when sipping on ice water gives you the chills.

For the Coffee Lovers

Do you remember this nursery rhyme from your childhood?

Molly my sister and I fell out

And what do you think it was all about?

She loved coffee and I loved tea

And that was the reason we couldn’t agree

Are you thinking, sounds great, but no thanks, I’m loyal to the java bean? Well, no worries, DAVIDsTEA has you covered. They welcome coffee and tea lovers alike. Read this post to learn more: A Coffee Lovers Guide to Tea 


Now that I’ve talked about so many amazing DAVIDsTEA products, who wants to win a collection of free items valued at over $150? DAVIDsTEA is giving one lucky reader a white latte mug, teal latte mug, the winter collection, caramel shortbread collectible jar, hot chocolate essentials, best of 2017 and a perfect spoon.

It’s quick and super easy to enter. Head on over to the Columbus Moms Blog Facebook Page to enter the giveaway by December 17.

DAVIDsTEA Giveaway Items

History of DAVIDsTEA 

DAVIDsTEA was founded in 2008 in Canada. DAVIDsTEA is to Canada what Starbucks is to America. They now have 200 stores across Canada and the United States, offering 150 types of tea. They have the largest collection of teas and infusions in North America.  

“So…why tea? Because it’s healthy, delicious and fun. Because it brings people together, all over the world. Because it’s the second-most popular drink on the planet, second only to water.”

DAVIDsTEA Columbus

DAVIDsTEA mission statement:  A Tea for Every Occasion.

DAVIDsTEA Gives Back

DAVIDsTEA has partnered with ME to WE, a global movement empowering people to change the world. 

Davids Me to We Tea

“DAVIDsTEA could not be more excited to partner with ME to WE, the global movement empowering people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices. They worked together to create this tea, a fruity and refreshing all-natural blend of pineapple, hibiscus, and cranberries. Not only is it totally delicious, each 2 oz purchase gives two weeks of clean water to a developing community in Kenya. Now that’s a reason to raise your glass!”

I was really inspired by this story and the tea. I bought some and enjoy drinking it hot or iced. It tastes delicious and it makes me feel good. 

As part of this movement, DAVIDsTEA also offers a leakproof, double-walled Tritan™ travel mug that when purchased gives six months of clean water to a Kenyan child in need. 

Why ME to WE?

For DAVIDsTEA, it’s simple: “Our goal for the partnership is to provide a source of clean water for thousands of people. As a tea company, the issue of clean water is close to our hearts, which is why we feel this is such an important initiative for DAVIDsTEA to be part of.”

Read more about Me to We here: DAVIDsTEA + ME to WE

You can visit DAVIDsTea when you are shopping at Easton or Polaris. They have a small cafe where you can order from a selection of tea drinks. Stop in for a healthy drink to keep you hydrated and energized as you weather the crowds.

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