Exploring Art and Fun Around the City

We love all experiences for our kids. Never would I have guessed that my girls would enjoy looking at and talking about art. I have exposed them to it at a young age, which I’m sure has helped. My middle loves Creative Galaxy (teaches pointillism and abstract art, food as art and more) which spurred […]

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giving ourselves grace

Be Gentle.

We are all fighting a battle. And yes, I mean all of us. But for the purpose of this writing, I mean moms. All moms are fighting a battle. Some of us are fighting battles that can be seen by those around us. Others of us are fighting battles unseen. But we are all fighting […]

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The Murky Water of Miscarraige

The Murky Waters of Miscarriage

“You never know who is swimming in the murky waters of miscarriage” – this quote from an article I read last year still resonates with me today. You guys…I get it. Three times actually. Why are miscarriages so hard to talk about? Why are we so ashamed? I’ve gone through every emotion – sadness, anger, […]

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Screen Shot 2019-12-09 at 8.10.45 PM

It’s Okay Momma, I’ll Help You Be Brave

As we were hugging tightly under the bedspread, pretending to tremble with fear he told me monsters were coming and we had to hide together. I asked him if we would be okay and he whispered to me “It’s okay momma, I’ll help you be brave.”  As we started to go higher on the swing […]

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Does my breastfeeding bother you?

Does My Choice To Breastfeed Bother You?

The Hope to Breastfeed “I hope I can breastfeed with this pregnancy but I’m not sure. I think people are pretty tolerant about it nowadays, right?” My friend recently asked me this question and for advice considering that she is pregnant with Baby Number Two. She was like almost all of my friends who could […]

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encouraging creativitiy

Encouraging Your Creativity

My husband is an encourager. If I mention something I find interesting or inspiring, he’s there to encourage me to give it a try for myself and explore my creativity. My husband’s encouragement is how I came to contribute to this blog. His encouragement is also how my third-trimester obsession with watching videos of other […]

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