Passionate About Columbus
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friendships change and that's ok

Friendships Change and That’s OK

Weekends look a lot different these days!  Being a mom, a wife, having a full-time job, and attempting to keep up friendships is hard work.  You often feel like you can’t be good at all the things at the same time; something has to suffer a little.  I can tell you right now, my friends […]

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Sledding Fun

20 Columbus Sledding Hills

Well, what a winter we have had already! If you are tired of staying indoors and looking at the snow, pull out your sleds and have a blast on the sledding hills around the city! Go prepared with the proper gear and clothing. Stay safe!   Whether young or old, this is a wonderful way to […]

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self-care for winter

10 Self-Care Tips For Winter

Is it Spring yet? If you are anything like me, you can only handle the severely cold weather, grey skies and that somewhat pretty white stuff (a.k.a snow) up until Christmas and then you’re over it! Although, fashionably speaking, I do love a cute sweater and a scarf. But, I crave the warm sunshine of […]

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Reading books to children

Our Favorite Kiddo Books of 2017

One of my absolute FAVORITE  moments with my kids is reading to them!!! I’m sure its because I have such amazing memories of books & reading with my mom & dad.  Reading comic books with my dad when he would get home late from work. Saturday mornings at the library with my mom, coming home […]

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house window

On Looking Through My Own Window

I have a big imagination. BIG. Unfortunately, it’s most often put to use inventing incredibly detailed worse-case-scenario montages. My husband says I should be a horror writer because of the way I’m able to imagine a million and one terrible things befalling the people I love (on the plus side, I’m an excellent defensive driver). […]

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Coordinating Outfits

Never Out of Style: Coordinating Outfits for the Family

Growing up my Mom was famous for dressing the family in coordinating outfits. My sister and I would oblige (somewhat begrudgingly I’m sure…sorry Mom!). As we grew older we would laugh and poke fun of the snapshots of the matching outfits that filled picture frames throughout our childhood home. I swore I would never coordinate […]

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New Swimmers and New Traditions at Goldfish Swim School

Thanks to our friends at Goldfish Swim School-Dublin and Goldfish Swim School-Westerville for sponsoring this post and providing an opportunity for such a fun family outing each week.Wednesdays are Goldfish Swim School days in our family. Every Wednesday afternoon, we’ve been heading to my son’s lesson at 4pm. We follow up the lesson with dinner […]

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baby products

YouTube Made Me Buy It – New Mom Edition

YouTube Made Me Buy It YouTube didn’t really make sense to me until after the baby.  I found myself watching more YouTube than regular television, since “free time” definitely came in smaller bursts. I enjoy following YouTubers who are real, moms and balancing life just like the rest of us. I’ve learned a lot of […]

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