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Reduce sreen time

11 Ways to Reduce Mom “Screen Time”

I don’t think it’s any secret that smartphones run the world and excessive screen time affects everyone. How many of us have lost minutes to hours of time because we are working out our thumbs? Although occasional times of zoning out can be great for self-care, too much of good thing can become bad.  I’ve […]

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free books

The Imagination Library

How would you like to have a free book arrive in your mailbox every month? Sounds too good to be true, right?! It’s not. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides a free book a month to over 1 million children across the world. Founded by Dolly Parton in honor of her father, Imagination Library seeks to […]

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How Core Strength Impacts Your Child’s Handwriting

Does your child have difficulty sitting still in class? Slouch when they sit? Have poor handwriting? Handwriting is a complex task that requires 15 skills. One underlying cause that affects handwriting skills is the lack of core strength. Children with a weak core are unable to function successfully in and outside of the classroom. What is […]

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Generation hands

Finding Perspective in Motherhood

I love being a mother. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about and although my path to motherhood didn’t go quite how I had imagined, I’m incredibly grateful to be a mom. I don’t take this opportunity lightly and consider it a great privilege. I do my best to have a positive attitude (some days are way […]

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yard improvements

Spring Yard Ideas

Now that’s it spring, it’s time to stop hibernating and get back out in your yard, reconnect with the neighbors, and finally, pick up those leaves you didn’t get to in the autumn.  As a landscape architect, people are often asking me questions about how to improve their landscaping. That, and if I design golf […]

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exploring metro parks

Get Outside- Central Ohio Metro Park Style

A couple of years ago we were inspired by a great post to get outside. The writer basically outlined 10 great reasons to get outside throughout the year, and how this benefits you.  We decided to adopt this goal and to encourage ourselves to explore all of the metro parks in Central Ohio. While we […]

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Kids are human too

Kids are Human Too.

Kids are human too. This four little phrase has changed the way I approach parenting. I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize, but now that my mind understands this, I have so much more patience for the little ones in my life. When my firstborn developed into a toddler, I wasn’t […]

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teenage memories

*NSYNC and Beanie Babies: Memories of My Former Self

Amongst the pile of Easter and Christmas decorations I find them -three navy blue tubs filled to the brim. The tubs were tagged with a hastily scribbled label: Kelli’s Memorabilia. Up until this point, I was a cleaning machine. After unwrapping Christmas a few days before, I had the sudden urge to start organizing my […]

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