“Your daughter bit a friend; Again”

Toddlers are awesome; I mean they learn something new every single day, have enough energy for all of us, and find joy in the smallest of things. Toddlers also feel big emotions in their tiny bodies because of all of these new discoveries that they make. Sometimes the way they process these big emotions is […]

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shaded park

Shaded Playgrounds In Columbus

Summers are HOT in Columbus and our kids all enjoy being outside at the parks. We at Columbus Moms Blog have compiled a list of parks that won’t leave you frying in the sun. The parks on this list have shaded spots such as large trees, tent covers, and some with buildings nearby to pop […]

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Tips for Surviving Road Trips with Little Ones

There is something special about creating memories not just at home, but in new cities. I love to travel and want my kids to grow up appreciating the sights, sounds, people, flavors and overall culture of new cities, both near and far. I know that even leaving the house can be a daunting thought depending […]

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Four Lessons I Learned From My Kindergarten Grad

I can’t believe my daughter just completed kindergarten! It’s been as much a learning process for us, as parents, as it was for her as a student finding her way. I took for granted the fact that she was reading before starting kindergarten, and admittedly didn’t exactly know how to prioritize all it would take […]

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family memories camping

Creating Family Memories Through Camping

Last Summer we took the big kids camping and made one of my most favorite memories ever. It wasn’t expensive. It wasn’t Disney. It didn’t last a week. It was only for one night and yet to me, it was my most magical memory of the year. I stumbled upon Wayne National Forest when I was […]

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Perfect Meals to Bring New Moms

Perfect Meals to Bring New Moms

Are you looking for a meal idea to bring a new mom?  Today I’m sharing a few ideas from some of our local food bloggers!  I don’t know about you, but right now I have so many friends having babies!  What better way to help out the new parents than to bring them a home […]

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