Passionate About Columbus
and the Moms Who Live Here
tiny house

Why I Love My Tiny House

Our house is old and tiny. When we purchased it five years ago, we didn’t really take future children into consideration; we now have a three-year-old and a second baby arriving this July. While there are times I’ve definitely wished for more space, having a small house has several advantages I have come to appreciate. […]

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Taking care of mama

Take Care of Yourself: Self-Care Reminders

January was an absolute doozy of a month. One of the toughest I’ve endured in my seven years as a mom.  Coming off that holiday crash combined with 10 days of everyone having the flu was soooo tough. Truthfully I wasn’t sure I would survive. My goal for February? To fill up my OWN tank. […]

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friends with hairstylist

10 Reasons Why Your Hairstylist Really Is Your Best Friend

I didn’t fully appreciate my hair styling appointments until after I had kids.  Before kids, getting my hair cut was just something I had to do, another thing on my to-do list, and one more expense.   Since having kids, my hair appointments have become my most coveted times. I exclusively breastfed my babies, so […]

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Spring Bucket List For Families

Spring Bucket List: For Families

Spring is here! Time to get out of hibernation and embrace this cheery season! Though our family had a lot of fun in the snow this past winter, I gladly say goodbye to those frigid temperatures. Here is a bucket list for your family to make the most of springtime! So long winter, see you […]

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Saving Money Locally – Toddler/Kid Non-Essentials

We hear that raising kids is expensive, and I totally agree. However, I think it’s expensive because we make it expensive. There are times I feel like our house looks like the aisles in Toys”R”Us. Our soon-to-be 2 year old loves her toys, but her imagination and curiosity can turn a box into hours worth […]

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family sickness

Surviving the Sickness Bug as a Family

This winter has been brutal. Other than three very underappreciated sick-free days, someone in my family has been sick since the New Year’s ball dropped. This was after we passed around several bugs this fall. It is fair to say beyond the physical toll on our bodies, our mental health is struggling. Normally, I enjoy […]

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