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April Blog Post-World Autism Day_photo

Autism is All Around You

The moment that the doctor gave back the diagnosis for my oldest son as “mildly autistic” I thought, “This is the darkest day ever.” Little did I know that as he turned 3 years old, and my youngest son turned 2 years old, I would be faced with a deja vu scenario when it came […]

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Columbus Camps, Day Camps, Summer Camps

Central Ohio Summer Camps – Part 2 – Day Camps

In the last installment of our feature on Central Ohio Summer Camps, we explored local mini camps and found a wide variety of offerings for all kinds of Columbus kids. As you might expect, this installment on day camps will introduce you to opportunities that are no less exciting and diverse! If you are looking for […]

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When Your Spouse is a Million-Mile Flier

  It’s hard. It’s hard on you, your children, and let’s not make them the bad guy; it’s hard on them as well. You’re holding down the fort, for days or even weeks at a time. You’re alone with your children, forced to practice the art of multi-tasking (which although I’d love to say I’m […]

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Pursuing your Dreams

As a mom you know very well that putting yourself first or even second is not a priority. You love your family and you love taking care of them. You have no time to even eat a proper meal or take a long bath. You put everybody’s needs above yours and you are happy when […]

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Spring Fashion for Toddlers

Spring is rapidly approaching and for some of us that may mean sprucing up your tots’ wardrobe. Now that we can start shedding the puffy coats and snow pants we can look ahead to prep for Easter events, spring family photos, or just every day cuteness! Trendy outfits are no longer exclusive to adult wardrobes […]

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10 Parks to Check Out this Spring

Spring is in the air in Columbus.  I Hope everyone is recovering from those February blues. As a mom of some very active two year old twin girls, I like to adventure out of the house to run off some energy. I wanted to share my 10 favorite parks in the Columbus area. I’m here […]

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