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15 Ways to Ask “How was school today?” Without Asking It


Summer is gone, fall is here the schools have opened and well underway. You send your little offspring to school all day and you can’t wait for them to come back and hear all about it. They return, you open up the door, they leave their backpack and your first question is “How was school today?” You practically burst with anticipation and your little one replies with “It was good” and when you press for details “I don’t remember”. Disappointed? I know I am. I thought to myself maybe I’m not asking the right questions, so I did a little experiment and when my 2nd grader came home I asked the questions below. He sang like a canary. Some days I only ask a handful of the questions and some others all of them. No matter, I’m getting a much more detailed report from school than “it was fine”.


  1. What was your favorite thing that happened to school today? (or your least favorite?)
  2. What is the coolest part of the school?
  3. Did you help anyone today?
  4. Did anyone help you?
  5. Tell me something new you learned today?
  6. When did you feel happy today?
  7. When did you feel bored?
  8. If I asked your teacher to tell me something about you what would she say?
  9. What games and where do you play at recess?
  10. Who is the funniest in your class?
  11. If a spaceship came to earth who would you take with you to outer space?
  12. What do you think you should learn more at school? (or less?)
  13. Is there anyone in your classroom that needs a little time out from time to time?
  14. Is there anyone that bothers you at recess?
  15. What made your teacher smile today?

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