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Graduation Celebration on a Budget

Graduation Celebration on a Budget

It’s that time of the year. April showers bring May flowers…and graduation celebrations!  Throughout the Columbus area, thousands of students have matriculated, okay that’s a big word, have prepared for graduation from preschool, kindergarten, middle school, high school, undergraduate universities and some have even gone on to achieve their post-graduate degrees. What a wonderful time of celebration!

Celebrating the Graduate

In the past, a simple “Congratulations” cake, theme balloons, your close family, and friends gathering together for a meal, and graduation cards stuffed full of money would be sufficient. If you are the one planning the event, which is my current situation with my high school teenagers, planning a graduation celebration on a budget is my goal. My oldest son is a Junior and my youngest son, right on his heels, is a Sophomore. Oh sure, you may be thinking, “Aww how cute is that. Back to back graduations!”  Let me tell you, in my mind I’m thinking “Aww, chaaa-chinggg, chaa-chingggg!!” I have come to the conclusion that the best way to celebrate the graduates in our home is to plan their celebrations on a budget.

5 Ways to keep the costs down

  • Food- Order a party platter from a local company that includes two entrées, two sides and maybe a bread item. Bake and decorate your own cake. Go to the dollar store for party snacks like chips and pretzels.
  • Drinks- Opt for the 2-liter size drinks or make pitchers of your favorite beverage. Buying individual sized canned soda and drinks can lead to the “half-drunk” cans and bottles laying around. Very wasteful.
  • Guest List- Of course you want to invite close family and your child’s close friends. Notice I said “close.” Don’t be tempted to invite every human being you know so no one feels left out. Keep the list practical.
  • Share the Fun- Why pay for the whole event when you can share the cost? No doubt your son or daughter’s best friend’s parents are thinking of how to plan and pay for their celebration too.
  • Location- Utilize outdoor space when you can. It gives your guests a way to move around and mingle. Some parks have little to no reservation fee. Your backyard is a great FREE option too!

Helpful Resources

There are many ways that you can plan a graduation celebration on a budget. Go online to Graduation Celebration on a Budget and read about how to save money on your event. Congratulations!

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