Treasured Tattoos

In 2013 I lost both of my parents during my third pregnancy. My dad, four days after I told him I was pregnant and my mom, 13 days before I gave birth to my daughter. For the past nearly four years, I think about them all the time. Every day, almost every minute it seems. I’ve wanted to do something for a while to memorialize them and it finally hit me – I’ll have their handwriting tattooed on me.

Honestly, this thought entered my mind easily more than a year ago. I wasn’t dragging my feet because I’m against tattoos – I have a star in between my belly and hip I got when I was 21 before I thought about kids or an upcoming appendix rupture – I just wanted to make sure this time I CARED about the tattoo.

This past Mother’s Day, as the last four have been, kind of sucked. It’s a day where my three children want to celebrate me, but all I want to do is celebrate my mom. So I decided to turn the day around.

I have a letter from my dad I cherish –







And I have the words my mom wrote on our wedding picture frame –







So I married the two.







And I’m in love. This totally made my Mother’s Day a blessing. I felt happy and so, so glad I finally took the plunge. I am reminded visibly of their love for me every single day.  Truly, it’s made me more whole than I’ve been in a while. 

Do you have tattoos honoring a loved one or your kids? Let’s see them!

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One Response to Treasured Tattoos

  1. Mary C July 30, 2017 at 2:07 pm #

    This is so beautiful. I love the idea of handwriting tattoos, and the marriage of your parents’ writing touches my heart. What a beautiful tribute and reminder.

    Thank you for sharing!