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Charleys Philly Steaks is a Great Place for the Whole Family

We've partnered with Charleys Philly Steaks to tell you about them being a great dining option for the whole family.

Columbus Moms Bloggers and our families were recently treated by Charleys Philly Steaks and it was fantastic!  I have only been part of this great network of mom bloggers for a little while and the perks that have come with it already have been tons of fun.  I was especially excited for #CharleysTreatsCMB because well, FREE FOOD!  And I have never been to Charleys and I love trying new places.

Charleys Philly Cheesesteaks are made with fresh, quality ingredients and are grilled-to-order!  It was cool to watch them prepare the food right there on the grill.  One of the cooks even did a few tosses with his spatula, fancy!  I had Isabella with me and she was fascinated by everything!  All the sounds, the people, smells, and the overall atmosphere of Charleys.

A little fun fact: Charleys founder, Charley Shin, opened the first restaurant located near the Ohio State University campus back in 1986.  Today, the restaurant is the World’s #1 Cheesesteak brand with more than 570 locations nationwide and headquartered right here in Columbus, Ohio!  How cool is that?  I love finding out that major restaurants are headquartered here!

charleys grill

Delicious Options

I ordered the Ultimate Club, which is turkey, ham, bacon, and shredded cheddar cheese.  YUM!  I also got a small order of fries and the most delicious strawberry lemonade that I have had in a long time.  Seriously, the lemonade had bits of real strawberry.  I am craving it right now.  I later found out that Charleys is known for their signature lemonades and Gourmet Fries!  My husband, who couldn’t be there but has had Charleys before, said he really likes the Cheese and Bacon Fries.  I am more a just fries and ketchup girl.  Everything was delicious and Isabella even had a few tastes of everything, and she seemed to enjoy it!  Whenever she saw me taking a bite of anything, she would watch intently and open her mouth.  Greedy baby!  I tried to get a pic of her enjoying some french fries but she wasn’t about it.  For the older kids, they do have a great kids meal that features three chicken strips, fries, a drink, and a small pack of Oreos!

Since the event, I have had Charleys again.  I had a Chicken Philly this time, which is chicken, grilled onions (ok I didn’t get the onions), mushrooms, green peppers, and white American cheese.  Again, YUM!  My husband got his Cheese and Bacon Fries and they get an A+! 

Fantastic Atmosphere

I often get nervous when going out to eat and it’s just me and Isabella.  I think that is a common feeling for all moms, no matter the age of their kids!  Charleys is pretty family friendly, and yes there were other moms there so that was helpful.  But I think with the overall ambiance of Charleys and the hustle and bustle behind the grill, it is a great place for small kids since there is something to catch their eye.  It kept Isabella occupied enough where she actually stayed sitting in the highchair and I could enjoy my food and have a conversation with some of the other moms! 

To top it off, Charleys gave us amazing swag bags!

How awesome is this swag?!  I was so impressed with everything they gave us!  Pen, journal, tumbler, popsocket (not pictured), coupons, and Charleys cash!  Not to mention that the canvas bag was amazing and so durable.  GUESS WHAT?!  We are giving away a swag bag!  You will receive $25 in Charleys Cash, recyclable tote, popsocket and the tumbler! Head on over to our Facebook page and enter by Friday, October 27th at 10 pm EST.  

Giving Back

We know that Charleys is passionate about making delicious, high-quality, made to serve food, but they are also passionate about serving the community by giving time, energy and funds causes like Charleys Kids, founded by Charley Shin in 2010.  Charleys Kids supports local and worldwide organizations that effectively address the need of the kids in their region.  Every location has collection boxes out and 100% of the money collected goes to help the children. In addition, 20 cents from every combo meal purchased at participating locations goes to Charleys Kids.   Locally, Charleys Kids has supported organizations such as City Life Center in Franklinton and SON Ministries in Hilliard.

Final Thoughts

Charleys is officially added to our family’s restaurant run-down!  Fast, delicious, and easy!  Something for the whole family!  Tell me about your favorite menu item!

For more information or to find your local Charleys, visit or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @charleysphillysteaks and Twitter @charleys.

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