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one year reflection

Lessons From My Baby: A One Year Reflection

I just had a baby, and we are already celebrating a year! How does that even happen?! They say time flies when you’re having fun! Well, it also flies when you’re running on fumes because you’ve gotten very little sleep.  Yeah, that seems more accurate!  You really lose all sense of time as a parent. […]

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Living by your Priorities

Newborn Stage In the first few moments after our son arrived, I wept huge fat tears of joy, relief, and release.  He was here!  He was healthy!  For a person who likes to plan and prepare for the worst, I had worried about every pregnancy symptom nonstop, but barely allowed myself to envision my life […]

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Helping Those with a Child in the NICU

Helping Those With a Child in the NICU

For those of you who might know someone who has a child in the NICU, here are some ways you can help from a former NICU mom. Did you know September is NICU Awareness Month?  I never imagined I would ever have a child in the NICU.  It’s just not something you think about.  However, at my […]

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memorial tattoo

Treasured Tattoos

In 2013 I lost both of my parents during my third pregnancy. My dad, four days after I told him I was pregnant and my mom, 13 days before I gave birth to my daughter. For the past nearly four years, I think about them all the time. Every day, almost every minute it seems. […]

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Make #MomLife the #BestLife

How I Make #MomLife the #BestLife

No doubt about it, #MomLife can be tough at times, but here are some easy ways I make it the #BestLife! If you’re like me, you can barely go a day without seeing the hashtag #momlifeisthebestlife or the “Mom Life, Best Life” quote.  However, at times I’ve recently questioned this popular catch-phrase. Maybe it’s because I stay at home or because […]

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This is Me

This Is Me: A Chapter In My Story

I have always loved children. As a kid, I dreamed of having a big family of my own. My best friend and I had future plans to start our own preschool. And my husband and I spent the early years of our marriage living abroad to teach at a bilingual school and love on orphaned children […]

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The Mommy Review

The Mommy Review

Let me begin by congratulating you. Being a mom is a hard, often thankless job, and you’re doing great! The role of mother is one of the most important responsibilities a woman can have, and that’s why I encourage your to do a Mommy Review. Similar to an Annual Performance Review one might receive from […]

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Rocking….A Mother’s Instinct

How can you spot a mom if she doesn’t have her children with her? She might be carrying a diaper bag instead of a purse, or you might catch a glimpse of an adorable baby on her phone. Or she might be wearing yoga capris and a t-shirt, unwashed hair in a bun, chugging a […]

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Home Away From Home

Home away from home

We were on vacation recently, and as casual conversations happen, we, of course, got the standard “where are you from?” question. : : : pause : : : “Ohio.” Pause? Why did I pause? Still? I’m still pausing? Yup, nearly a third of my life here, and I’m still pausing. Because yeah, the Columbus, Ohio, […]

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