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What Keeps This Stay-at-Home Mom up at Night

It’s summer break and I am exhausted. Bone tired. Want-to-curl-up-in-the-fetal-position-at-the-end-of-the-day tired. After nine months of having three measly afternoons to myself all school year (while my big girl was in first grade and my little guy was at preschool), the jolt back to round-the-clock parenting has taken its toll. And yet, many nights recently, I’m not […]

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The other side of mom guilt

The Other Side of Mom Guilt

There seems to be this image of the Stay at Home Mom as a fun-loving, yoga-pant-wearing, dry-shampoo aficionado with not a care in the world, other than the dishes in her sink and maybe a pile or two of laundry.  Sure, money might be a little bit tight, she doesn’t have as much time for […]

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Make #MomLife the #BestLife

How I Make #MomLife the #BestLife

No doubt about it, #MomLife can be tough at times, but here are some easy ways I make it the #BestLife! If you’re like me, you can barely go a day without seeing the hashtag #momlifeisthebestlife or the “Mom Life, Best Life” quote.  However, at times I’ve recently questioned this popular catch-phrase. Maybe it’s because I stay at home or because […]

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Child Care Options

Daycares and Nannies, Au Pairs? Oh My!

From the time we learn we’ll soon welcome that precious baby into the world, we parents must figure out how to care for them. So begins the extensive research on the many options for this sweet child who we hope to guide into the best person imaginable. One major decision I seem to need to revisit often is choosing where my […]

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moms club

Meeting More Mamas

  When my oldest was born and we made the decision that I would stay home (“we” as in my husband and me; the kid didn’t get a say in the matter), I really never gave much thought to how much I’d want or need a mama tribe in my life. After the kid and […]

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Preschool Snacks

Quick & Easy Preschool Snacks

Do you dread your appointed snack day? The day you have to provide the snack for your child’s whole preschool, kindergarten, or elementary class? I always want to do something fun and cute, (darn you Pinterest!) but I rarely have the time.  I have a hard enough time even remembering what their appointed snack day […]

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Busy Bag Ideas for Indoor Play

Busy Bag Ideas for Indoor Play

These Busy Bag ideas will help occupy your small child when rainy spring weather keeps you indoors!   They say “April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring this mama a case of cabin fever!  It’s finally getting warm enough to go outside, but the rainy spring weather arrives to once again keep us indoors! Ugh… Just when […]

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Moms Day Out programs

Parents’ Day Out: Kid-free time for stay-at-home parents

Let’s paint a picture. You, a stay-at-home-parent, occasionally find yourself daydreaming about sitting by yourself, drinking a hot (what’s that?) beverage, scrolling through your social media feed without a tiny human’s hands grabbing at your phone. Your kid isn’t quite ready (or old enough) for preschool, but if you aren’t able to get just a little time for […]

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thumbs up

MOMents to Cherish

Sometimes as a parent you have a moment so horrible that you’re pretty sure you’ve hit a new low in the lowest of low parenting moments. We’ve all been there. Trust us on that. This post really serves no other purpose but to make you feel better about how your momming (or dadding) is going […]

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Mama said, "I'm burned out!"

Mama Said I’m Burned Out

Baby Mama Burnout. That’s what I call it. “BMB.” When a stay at home mom (or any mom, really) hasn’t had time away from her kids for months, years even, and her heart and soul just longs for time alone. Time to do something – anything ­­– without the threat of someone calling her name […]

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